Nov 4, 2019
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What are the most popular casino games in UK

Players in the United Kingdom are well-know for their fond of casino games and sports betting. In today's article, we are going to look closely on betting habits in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom has one of the most accessible gambling markets in the world, and some of the most prominent land-based on online casinos are in the UK. According to the latest research, about more than 24 million people gambled in the UK in the past year and about ten and a half million people gambled online. Just in the United Kindom itself is about 150 casinos and more than 180 000 land-based slots.

As you can see, love for gambling remains the same. The only difference is how people gamble. More and more people shift to mobile technologies. According to the annual report of the UK Gambling Commission, 44 % of all gamblers use smartphones which is 5% rise since 2017. 

Popular Casino Games in the UK

The best online casinos for UK players offer hundreds, even thousands, of casino games. Most of them are online slots from various software providers, but there are also many table games like roulette, baccarat, sick-bo, multiple poker variants, blackjack or video poker. We have chosen three casino games, which are the most played games in the UK.

1. Slots

Online or land-based slots are the most played casino game in the world, and the UK is no exception. In 2018 there were 183,813 land-based slots and Gross Gaming Yield just from online slots was astonishing £2.0 bn.

Online slot - the most popular casino games in the UK

2. Roulette

The Queen of the gambling games. The rules of the roulette are very easy. Try to guess what number will win the next round. Probably because of the simplicity of the game is roulette second most popular casino game in the UK. Gross Gaming Yield from roulette was 300 million pounds in 2018.

Roulette online - the most popular casino games in the UK

3. Blackjack

Blackjack gained its public popularity from movies like Rain Man, 21 or Hangover. But for casinos visitors was blackjack well-know for the very long time. Simple rules, excellent odd and teachable skills which significantly lower the house edge are the main advantages of this casino game. Gross Gaming Yield from blackjack was 166 million pounds in 2018.

Blackjack - the most popular casino games in the UK

These three are the most popular casino games in the United Kingdom. To be fair. We are talking strictly about games in the casino. In general, the British are most engaged in their National Lottery and sports betting, specifically football.

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