Jan 21, 2021
A Guide for Beginners

What to Do If You Don't Get a Casino Bonus

Playing in an online casino is easy. But there may be obstacles along the way to riches. And many of these problems are related to bonuses and promotions, which are not always used correctly. This article will explain why you sometimes do not receive the bonus, even though it is still listed as active on the casino website. If you are a beginner, be sure to read this article, and you will save yourself a lot of stress.

Sometimes it may turn out that the bonus or promotion does not work. It is most often because players have misread the bonus terms. Many people skip the bonus conditions because their information does not seem important or very interesting.

In these bonus conditions, you will find information about who can use the bonus, in which games you can use it, and, last but not least, the wagering requirements for the promotion. We have listed the most common reasons why players are not eligible for the casino bonus to help you.

  • The bonus is not available to people in the country. Sometimes, a casino reserves a promotion only for people in selected countries or excludes other countries from the bonus.
  • A player cannot claim two bonuses at the same time. The bonus is considered to be depleted by meeting the wagering requirements.
  • Failure to meet the conditions for the bonus. Some bonuses are conditional on a deposit. E.g., deposit in the past week and get a bonus on Sunday.
  • The player already got the bonus. Most casino bonuses can only be claimed once. These are mainly no deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses. However, some players ask for these promotions several times. Without success.
  • The bonus is no longer available. In some rare cases, it takes a while for the online casino site to update and may still contain outdated bonuses. It can also happen that the player learns about the promotion from the old e-mail.
  • Some promotions require a promo code. You should always find this code listed with the bonus. However, some casinos hide it under terms of bonuses that players do not have to examine carefully.
  • The bonus will be credited in the future. It often happens, for example, with free spins. The bonus promises 100 free spins, but the player gets nothing after the deposit. However, these free spins are credited gradually after 24 from the activation of the bonus.

How to Solve This Problem

Suppose you applied for a bonus but did not receive it. Feel free to contact support. Employees will explain precisely what you are missing and what you should do to activate the bonus. How to contact casino support? Try live chat. It's the easiest way. All online casinos offer this communication option. Just click on the chat icon, and you are connected.

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