Aug 9, 2019
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Who Are High Rollers in Casinos

Casinos are fighting for these players. High rollers are key visitors to land-based casinos. No wonder, that they often do not have play by the same rules as other players. Casinos provide them with special benefits.

Do you want to live like in a fairy tale? Just visit the casino and bet at least over $ 10,000 every minute. Harry Kakavas, a man who lost more than $ 1 billion in casinos, bet $ 300,000 on one hand. Millions a day can be lost. Although such amounts are not normal to average High Rollers in casinos, they still contribute the most to casino profits. Here, too, Paret's rule applies, and more than 80% of casino profits are made up of exceptionally wealthy individuals. Such people are called whales in casino jargon.

The nickname of the whale is more than characteristic for High Rollers. There are literal fights over them between casinos. Casinos exceed themselves in the amounts of benefits that High Rollers can get and allow them virtually any at least partially legal behavior. Various stories, therefore, spread in the casino world. These players often behave worse than spoiled Hollywood stars and have the most bizarre demands. Each High Roller is thus often assigned a personal assistant who takes care of him and solves his possible requirements.

For example, one High Roller demanded a fridge full of bananas that he could squeeze during the game and throw at other players and dealers. An exception is not players who do not want to go to the toilet and prefer to urinate directly on the wall. Drunk and aggressive behavior is also common, in which players throw chairs and swear at everyone around them. In addition to tolerating behavior, various internal rules and regulations are bypassed by High Roller. Most often you can see the maximum betting limit increase. There are also known cases where High Rollers play blackjack with three or more hands at the same time.

How to Catch Whales

Being a High Roller is not just about betting big. Above all, it's a lifestyle that most people haven't even dreamed of. These players have everything for free - food, drink, luxury accommodation, limousines, their own plane or helicopter. For large casinos, it is not a problem for its key clients to mediate practically anything from free entrances to luxury clubs to a walk on the red carpet at the Oscars.

High Rollers can cost casinos up to several million dollars a year. For example, the Crowd Casino in Australia sent $ 50,000 as "Lucky Money" with its private plane before each visit by its top player. Casinos also often offer High Rollers the opportunity to get some cash back. For example, an agreement may be that if a player loses more than half a million dollars in one day, a certain percentage of the amount in excess of the agreed amount is returned to the account.

Advantages of High Rollers in Online Casinos

Of course, online casinos also love High Rollers. However, due to its online environment, it will be difficult to offer free food or accommodation. Of course, online casinos have other benefits for players. First of all, some online casinos offer special welcome bonuses for High Rollers. They can get up to several times more money or free spins than regular players. However, welcome bonuses may not be so attractive due to the wagering requirements, especially for High Rollers. Online casinos thus prepare other benefits for the biggest players.

These include entrance to exclusive tournaments or inclusion in VIP programs. In these programs, they can get various points, which they can later exchange for play money or gifts in the form of electronics or luxury holidays.

For High Rollers, above-standard payment options are definitely interesting. These players can then withdraw money for free as they please and in a very short period of time. You can often come across customized promotions, such as a birthday or other holiday gifts. Being a High Roller is definitely worthwhile in the world of gambling.

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