Jun 4, 2020
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Would Bookmakers in Stadiums Work in the UK?

The English Premier League and betting have long been linked you only have to look at the list of sponsorship deals for the 2019/20 season to find a significant betting presence. At the beginning of the season, there were only three Premier League teams who did not have a sponsorship deal in place with a betting company.

Only Brighton and Hove Albion, Sheffield United and Southampton did not have a deal in place with a betting company. Other clubs have taken full advantage of the opportunity to have a betting partner and in some cases, such as Leicester City and Newcastle United they have three deals in place. 10 of the 20 clubs which started the 2019/20 Premier League season had a betting company sponsor their shirt.

So, it’s clear that the betting industry already has a big role to play in football in the United Kingdom but what about the match day experience?

Placing a bet on the match is a big part of the football match day for many fans. Whether it is betting on their favourite team to win every week or a more considered approach using statistics and data, football fans love to place a bet. However, what are the options to fans who are heading to the game and would like to place a bet?

One option could be to place a bet on the match inside the stadium but would bookmakers in stadiums work in the UK?

Using a bookmaker online is now the easiest way two place event on a football match in the UK. It doesn't matter whether the bet is placed using a computer at home before leaving to watch the game or if it is placed during the journey to the game, it is very straight forward. In fact, the introduction of mobile betting apps means a fan could be sat in their seat inside the stadium with 10 minutes remaining until kick-off and place a bet on the match. With just a few taps of the screen, the bet is placed.

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of betting apps. High street bookmakers like William Hill, Betfred and Coral have seen footfall drop in stores as players move online and bet using their apps (you can read more on the Coral app here). It’s a sign of the times as we do more shopping, watching and pretty much everything on our mobile now.

Almost every person who owns a mobile phone has internet data available to them and it doesn't take up much of this data to place a bet, check the latest sports news or find an in-depth review of sports betting app they wish to use. In addition, many football stadiums in the UK have free Wi-Fi service and this can be used to place a bet online.

However, what about those who do not have access to a mobile device but would like to place a bet on the match? This is where bookmakers inside stadiums can come into play. There are some fans who attend football matches that have not embraced technology. The older generation is a good example but because they do not access the internet using their mobile device does not mean they would not like to place a bet on the match.

It may be the case that the traditional betting shop they used to visit on a match day has shut and now they do not have an opportunity to bet on the game. By having a bookmaker inside the stadium, this would allow them to bet on the game in the only way they know how, by filling in a betting slip and handing it over the counter.

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