Apr 11, 2022
Casino strategy

10 Most Important Rules of Gambling

Over the last fifty years, gamblers have earned many attributes. Many of them were mostly unflattering. Dr Edward O. Thorpe showed the world that players can regularly win thanks to the use of their head and blackjack skills, but it was not enough to change public opinion. The acceptance of gambling as a common form of entertainment started by the expansion of online poker and a plethora of television programs focused on gambling such as the World Poker Tour, WSOP, Poker Dome and Poker After Dark.

The fact that there are currently thousands of casinos around the world is partly a reflection of the different approaches and different rules in casinos. However, players should still remember that there are certain standards and tips that every player should have.

Rule No. 1: Learn the Rules

This advice may sound silly, but players who do not know how to play lose most money. At the same time, it is obvious that you will be much more successful if you first learn at least the basic rules while risking money! So if you go to a casino with friends, learn how to play blackjack, which you will find in most casinos, because it is the most popular casino game. You will have a much better chance of success if you set aside at least a few minutes to study the basic rules of blackjack.

Rule No. 2: Money Management

If you have already learned the basic rules of one or two casino games, it's time to decide how much money you can risk on your trip. Playing casino games is fun, not a job, so determine a reasonable amount to play with and stick to it. Of course, learning to use money wisely is challenging, but living without food is even more complicated. Therefore, hold to your financial plan

Rule No. 3: Don't Try to Cheat

This could be rule number one, but first, you need to get to the casino, learn a game and determine the bankroll. However, it is very important to follow the rules and not cheat! Not only can they kick you out of the casino because of that, but they can also prosecute you. And spending time in prison for a bet of 5 euros does not make sense. And what if you only play with friends? When they find out you're trying to trick them, they probably won't be your good friends anymore. Also, people who cheat spend a huge amount of time planning the next false step, instead of watching the game, using their brains and playing within the rules. In the long run, they end up losing anyway.

Rule No. 4: Do Not Borrow Money for the Game

This rule goes hand in hand with the line to stick to a predetermined amount bet per game. Borrowing money is usually the first step to total forfeiture of gambling and subsequent complete financial ruin. So if you can't afford to play right now, stay home and study the game you wanted to play and improve your chances of winning in the future when you can afford to visit the casino. If you happen to forget your wallet at home and eventually resort to a loan, make sure you can repay your debt. You must return the money you borrowed as soon as possible.

Rule No. 5: Use Cards with Basic Rules and Strategies

More than once, I've heard players say something like, "Using a playing card brings me bad luck." Or, "I forgot my playing card at home, but it doesn't matter." It sounds like I hear something like this: “I don't want to make any money this month, I'll work for free.” Think about it and do a reasonable thing. Take the basic rules and strategy cards with you and use them!

Rule No. 6: The Money Won is Real

If you're lucky with your favourite game and chips suddenly appear on your table, be aware that you're still playing for real money. I hope that the next time you visit the casino, you will kick the casino staff's ass with a great game, but let's be realistic. If you win, it's great, but you'd better put your money aside for your next trip to the casino.

Rule No. 7: Play Games with Best Rules

When visiting the casino, make sure you use the tables with the best rules for each game. Don't settle for lousy betting and payout conditions, as in 6/5 blackjack (for some tables, blackjack pays out at a ratio of six to five instead of the more favourable three to two odds). Want the best!

Rule No. 8: Believe in Math

Gamblers are matter-of-fact optimists, what I quite understand, but at the same time, I have to believe in mathematics. Don't go against a dealer with obviously worse cards just because you have a hunch. Stick to basic strategies supported by precise mathematics and in the long run, your results will be much better.

Rule No. 9: Control Your Emotions

This is a very tough nut to crack, but if you want to be successful, you have to play with your head, not your heart. As we have already indicated, you should avoid decisions based on premonitions. The right decisions are based primarily on facts, mathematics and, of course, on understanding the game, not on the current emotional state. So if you are not in the best mental condition, take a break and go to a nice movie or enjoy a good meal. Of course, the casinos that line the Las Vegas Strip are there mainly because they have a mathematical advantage over players in the long run, but the players themselves play a significant role in enriching them. They play at all costs, even if they don't feel like it right now, exceed a predetermined amount per game and play for too long. You are smarter. Enjoy your casino game, but try to keep your emotions in check. Only then can you make the right decisions.

Rule No. 10: Insurance Bets

Gambling naturally carries some risk. Therefore, do not be too anxious and do not use insurance too often in games. If you get blackjack, for example, you will waive half the payout by insurance! Insurance is a sucker bet even if you use card counting in blackjack. An equally lousy bet is when only a big hand is placed in poker, so the dealer would take at least 15% of the winnings. Why blow up so much money when you're at an advantage?

The craps player is warned not to fall into the betting trap on the first roll of the dice ("come-out roll"). Also, avoid placing bets on a roll of seven ("any seven") if you have already placed several bets on another value ("place bets"). In these cases, the casino has a much greater advantage over your bets.

In games other than baccarat or war, when a casino has a huge advantage, it is not wise to use a tie bet. In this case, it makes more sense to stick to standard bets.

Bonus bets like Lucky Ladies and Pair Plus make games much more exciting, but in these bets, the casino also has a much bigger advantage over standard bets. While a Pair Plus bet gives barely a chance of winning in three-card poker against a 7 % casino advantage, the odds of winning at Lucky Ladies with a 22% casino advantage are almost utopian. Accepting additional bets is therefore usually a relatively expensive affair. If you haven't figured it out yourself, it's time to rethink your strategy.

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