Casino strategy

Aug 11, 2022
Is There A Strategy To Roulette?
Roulette is by far one of the most popular casino games, not just in Canada but all across the world. However, many players turn up without...
bankroll Casino strategy
Apr 11, 2022
10 Most Important Rules of Gambling
Over the last fifty years, gamblers have earned many attributes. Many of them were mostly unflattering. Dr Edward O. Thorpe showed the world...
Casino strategy
Dec 3, 2021
Return to player in Gambling Explained
Return to Player is a very commonly used term among casino players. And if you too want to play at an online casino often, you should famili...
bonus-casino-ag-head Casino strategy
Oct 20, 2021
How to Get Money on Casino Promotion
In recent years, in addition to welcome bonuses, online casinos have also introduced many regular promotions and other prize games. This tre...
psychologie-hazardu Casino strategy
Sep 23, 2021
Psychology of Gambling - Famous Cognitive Biases
Today's next article on psychology and gambling will focus on how the cognitive function of the brain is deceiving us in gambling.
mobile-840 Casino strategy
Aug 26, 2021
How to Choose and Play in Mobile Casino
If we talk about strategy, most players who switched from the classic online gambling to the mobile one will tell us that their transition w...
Casino strategy
Dec 14, 2020
Most Common Mistakes While Playing Casino Games
Learn to play like a pro and avoid the most common mistakes. We have chosen for you the biggest fails at the most played casino games. This...
gambling-fallacy Casino strategy
Nov 13, 2020
What is the Famous Gambler's Fallacy
The gambler's fallacy is one of the basic psychological tricks that our own brain pulls on us. Let's look at this phenomenon in detail. Once...
jak-se-stat-lepsim-hracem-blackjack0 Blackjack
Oct 19, 2020
How to Become a Better Blackjack Player
If you are an occasional blackjack player, you do not need any special education or a university degree to become a better player. All you n...