May 11, 2021
Video Poker

6 Reasons to Play Video Poker

Video poker offers a low house edge, an exciting gaming strategy and you can play countless variations of it. Video poker is one of the games that you should try.

When you walk into the casino section with slot machines, video poker may not be your first choice. But it doesn't matter. You're not the first or the last. This privilege is given to classic slots because they offer very high jackpots and playing them is very simple. But as soon as you no longer enjoy the slot machines, you can start looking for a different kind of entertainment. And that should be video poker.

Do you ask why? In today's article, we'll give you 6 reasons why you should try this exciting game.

The House Edge is Really Low

With video poker, you can beat the casino in its own game, which has a low house edge. Video poker is quite popular due to the very low house edge, actually. At least amongst the advanced players.

Some of its versions will offer you the almost non-existent advantage of the casino. For example, the most popular version of this game, Jacks or Better, has an average return of 99.54%, which means that the house edge is 0.46%.

In the casino, you will find several other games where the advantage of the casino is also so low. But if you want to make the most of these conditions, you must

  • Learn the basic strategy for the game
  • Find a full-pay game - the highest payout game

Some Versions Negative House Edge

Very few casino games offer this option. But be careful. Not every version is more suitable for players. We find only three full-pay versions, namely:

  • Deuces Wild (100.8%)
  • Double Bonus (100.2%)
  • Double Double Bonus (100.1%)

Keep in mind, however, that these variants of the game are challenging to find. But if you are lucky, believe that you are playing the best games in the gambling world.

Video Poker Perfect Strategy

Some people play casino games for fun. They want to relax and gambling is relaxing for them. But there is also a group of players who want to compete against the casino and try to beat it. Especially when they have such ideal conditions. And video poker is the perfect game for the second group of players. Its strategy is really great and you have even better playing conditions. If you choose to learn it, you can use countless computer programs and software, as well as books and articles that are freely available on the Internet.

You Can Play Video Poker for Free

Like most other games, you can play video poker today for free at no risk of losing your money. Mainly thanks to online casinos, which offer the possibility to play video poker in free mode. If you decide to play for money over time, there is no problem. Just send money to your favourite online casino.

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