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Video Poker

Video poker is a great game for all those who are slot machine lovers on the one hand, and on the other hand, they like to have the game under control and don’t want to leave the outcome of the individual game rounds to chance.

If you enjoy poker, then definitely do not miss its machine variant in the form of a video poker game. Your task in this world-famous game is, just like in classic poker, to create the most powerful combination of five cards. Just like slot machines, video poker is also very easy to use. Strategies may help the player achieve higher wins.

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Game round

If you know the variations of draw poker, there is probably not much more to say. Video poker works on the same principle. First of all, you choose your stake. This is the right time to think, check your payroll and rules of the game. Some versions of video poker offer progressive jackpots. In order to qualify for these jackpots, you must choose the maximum bet.

After the bet is placed, you start the game and the slot machine deals you five cards. You mark some or all of these cards you want to keep. Then you just push Draw and all cards you have not marked will be replaced with new cards.

If you succeeded to make one of the winning poker combinations, you are rewarded according to the payroll table.

Video poker online Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

Video Poker with Player Edge

As far as house edge is concerned, playing video poker is undeniably better for the player over slot machines. While on classic slot machines the returns for players are around 96%, video poker offers returns of around 99%. And some even more.

Mathematical analyses have shown that there are even games that exceed the magical limit of 100%. Specifically, these are:

  • Deuces Wild – 100.76% returns
  • Double Bonus – 100.17% returns
  • Double Double Bonus – 100.07% returns
  • Joker Poker – Kings or Better – 100.65% returns

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. These numbers apply only if the player follows the optimal strategy for each game without exception. In some cases that can be quite complicated and, moreover, strategies are unique for each variant.

Additionally, even though these games return to players over 100% that does not mean you can’t lose your whole payroll. Just like you can win games with a house edge in the short run, you can also lose games with a player edge.


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Free games

Casino Rating Bonus
01 Vegas Crest Casino
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02 Bodog
76% 600 $ Play
03 Café Casino
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04 Bovada
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05 PornHub Casino
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06 Ignition Casino
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07 Superior
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The Benefits of Playing Video Poker Online

Just like other games, you can find it in both physical and online versions. In recent years, similar to slot machines, the popularity of playing video poker game online has been on the rise. That’s because it has many advantages:

  • Online casinos offer many more variants of video poker, so you can choose the best one.
  • You can try free games without any risk, which is great for testing optimal strategies.
  • You can play video poker on your mobile or tablet, too.
  • Online casinos usually offer great bonuses for new players and a host of other benefits for frequent visitors.

Video Poker. Fun for the Loner

Video poker is a game for those who do not have the craving or knowledge to sit down at the physical poker table and play against real live opponents and their tactics and strategies. For a beginner or a player who is not lucky on that day, a game at the table may end up a disaster.

Playing video poker means keeping the game under control. The win is largely determined by the player’s knowledge of winning combinations and willingness to take a risk. By the way, video poker can achieve long-term returns of 99.5%. Even if you’re not lucky, you will just about keep your balance.

That’s a good reason to take advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the online casino under this article, right?


14. 2. 2018
Why Online Casinos Offer a Beatable Versions of Video Poker?

Video poker is one of the few games in which, it is possible to turn the advantage of the casino to the side of the player. There are only a few versions of this kind of video poker, of course.