Feb 8, 2021
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7 Secrets of Professional Casino Players

There are several types of gamblers. Some like to play poker, roulette, blackjack, or slots in their favourite online or land-based casino; others play for millions of dollars and enjoy an unattainable lifestyle for many people. The beginners often envy the professionals because they have managed to make a career out of what most people see as just fun.

However, the life of a gambler is not a piece of a cake. As you probably already know, most games favour a casino in the long run. And in games where players play against each other, it is necessary to improve constantly. It is not that they know some miraculous secret. It is simply because they respect the basic principles of gambling.

Find the Best Online Casino

There are literally thousands of online casino out there. They may seem identical for the novice players, but the professionals know that devil is in the details. Always make sure that you are playing in the licenced casino. The best way to compare many casinos in the shortest possible time is to use one of the casino reviews blogs. Such as, which focuses on Swedish online casinos.

Bonus conditions are also extremely important. Most disputes between a player and a casino arise precisely because players mistakenly violate these conditions. This results in the withdrawal being rejected or even the account being blocked. Before applying for a casino bonus, good players always study the requirements and, most importantly, understand them.

How professional players choose an online casino

  • Valid license to operate an online casino
  • Selection of games
  • Bonuses and their conditions
  • Payment options and withdrawal time
  • Casino reputation among other players


In many movies, the casino's main character wins a lot of money due to luck and superstition. Maybe that's why superstitions influence many players' decisions, often for the worse.

However, there is no place for superstition in gambling. It is difficult to find players who are superstitious and successful at the same time. If you change your decisions often, because you believe that this time it will come, even if it is unlikely, gambling may not be the right thing for you.


Every successful professional player takes gambling as a sport. And in sports, it's definitely not good to let emotions make decisions for you. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. However, if you are overwhelmed by winnings or losses, you will end up making the wrong decisions.

Read, for example, about the psychology of gambling and understand why you should always make decisions with a cool head.

Overcome Bad Times

Any longtime gamblers will tell you that the bad times are a must in every player's life. Sometimes it's only a few days, sometimes a few months, but bad times can last a whole year.

Any such player will also tell you that it is almost impossible to avoid a series of losses. If you are thinking of money about what you can buy for it and you do not have enough strength to overcome a difficult loss, you probably should not gamble.

However, this also applies to good times. If you are successful for a long time, you should not immediately spend money on a new car or anything else. In gambling, circumstances often change very quickly from worse to better and vice versa. And you have to be prepared for that.

Build a Separate Gambling Bankroll

You cannot bet € 5,000 per blackjack game if you only have € 50,000 in your account. Or € 100 if you only have a few hundred. Many players lose and experience annoying problems because they play with all the money they have. Including those, they need to buy food and pay rent. Even an ordinary intelligent person will understand that such risk-taking is a clear recipe for disaster.

Build a bankroll that will survive a series of losses and that you do not have to be afraid to take risks. Create a bankroll that you can play with without worrying about your livelihood. Many players start by deferring a small portion of their monthly income. After a while, it will be an interesting amount of money.

Be Disciplined

Whenever you play the game, especially in the big casino. It is very tempting to get one or two drinks. But it is clear to everyone that it cannot turn out well. If you drink while playing, the chances of ending up with an empty wallet increase.

Your bet should be the result of logical thinking. It would be best if you did not let emotions decide for you. Don't play against your opponent for the wrong reasons and only increase bets when you have to. And most importantly, don't let your ego decide for you.

Keep Records

Keep track of your wins and losses. If you are more serious about gambling, it is highly likely that you will have to pay taxes on your winnings. Detailed records of your winnings and losses will greatly simplify your subsequent work.

In addition, information about your previous games can help you make future decisions. You will be able to analyze your game and keep improving.

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