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Guide added 27. 7. 2017

The most famous superstition from the world of Craps

If you think that the craps myths are like the myths about Bigfoot or the Scottish "Lochness Monster", you probably aren’t the one of those who believes and follows them. Be glad, you would not believe how many people can get fooled by similar – sometimes utter – nonsense. Although some of them come from the world of live gambling, most are related to playing online. Let's now look take a brief look at the most famous of them. Just to have a laugh at things some players can believe.

A new lady at the table brings luck, a new man misfortune

If you have been playing craps for some time, you surely noticed that some players change the number of their bets from time to time. Especially when a new person appears at the table. If a woman appears, some players will start betting more and less if it’s a man. Some players even avoid bets completely when a man appears.

The first player at the table is cursed

Many players are trying to find tables that already have at least one player. The reason is simple, they believe that the first player at the table is “cursed”, will be immensely unlucky for the whole game and can never win. He could get a so-called “cold dice” which means very unfortunate throws. Would you happen to believe this myth and fear that you’ll be punished by fate, let a rookie sit down first and then look as he loses, saying “I told you”.

Don’t speak the word “seven” after the Point is established

Once the shooter establishes the Point, it is very unfortunate to say the word “seven”. Just like theatre actors don’t like hearing “good luck”, some players are sensitive to this word. If a player were to utter this number, a higher power will spite him and, of course, a seven will get rolled. That’s why saying the word “seven” is completely taboo.

Hitting a stranger’s hand by the dice also brings misfortune

Frankly, even if you were the most superstitious person in the world, you can be absolutely sure about one thing in an online game. You can’t run into this “misfortune”. It is really difficult to hit another player’s hand with a virtual dice. Anyway, if you ever get to play live craps, that’s not true anymore. From a certain point of view, this myth has at least some basis in reason. It’s at least possible for this to happen. That’s because the way how the dice stop is different from how they would stop without touching the hand. So even though this may be unlucky at times, another time it can save you. I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted article which looked at the world of casinos from a different angle. People always have been and will be superstitious and no one can prevent them from being such. In any case, I firmly hope that common sense will prevail over superstition and you will prefer to stick with the good strategy, no matter which game you play.

Bet Against Other Players

If you are somewhat familiar with craps rules, you already know that bets against the Pass (Don’s Pass or Don’s Come) are bets where you bet against other players at the table. Most of your fellow players will bet on Pass or Come. Even if you don’t take other players of the money, some believe you are carrying away their chances of winning. So if you want to have a good time at the table, it is better to go with the flow.

The Die Falls off the Table

From time to time, after a strong throw, the dice flies out of the board on the ground. Some players then believe that the next throw will start an unfortunate series. If this happens, some shooters demand that they continue to play with the dice that remains on the table to prevent this.

Counting Chips at the Table

This is simply not done. Not only is it often considered bad taste, but some players also believe chip counting drives away luck from the table. So if you get into a situation where you have to count casino chips, it is better to do it somewhere else. Or very discreetly so that teammates don’t notice.

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