Jul 26, 2021
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8 things you can have fun in the casino when you're not playing

A visit to a giant casino is always a great experience for a gambling lover. Therefore, they often like to share this life experience with their loved ones. However, they do not always have to play in their blood. What about them, then? That's why we bring you eight things that can be done in the casino, apart from playing.

Visiting casino resorts such as Las Vegas, Singapore, Atlantic City or Macau is no longer just about gambling. And the numbers even suggest that more and more people are coming to these resorts for non-gambling fun as well. According to the Nevada Gambling Control Council, other revenues (such as drinks, food, show tickets, etc.) outweigh gambling revenues in Las Vegas.

So there is something to do in these places. If you, or one of your friends, finds yourself in such a casino resort and doesn't want to spend time at the gaming tables, we have eight great tips for you to kill time and still have great fun.

1. Take a Sightseeing Tour

Most large casinos are architectural gems. Not only the buildings themselves but also their facilities and adjacent properties are among the most expensive structures of modern history.

If you are an art lover, a tour of the interior and exterior of large casinos a must.

2. Look for Weirdos in Casinos

Staring at other people is considered inappropriate in our culture, but you just can't help it in casinos. Sit back at the bar with a favourite drink and try to find the biggest weirdo on the are. It certainly won't take you long.

Focus your attention on the slot machines, where the local superstition player has to scratch his nose before every spin or check out sometimes bizarre rituals of craps players.

3. Find the High-Roller Table

Do want to see how someone can wage your annual salary in 5 minutes? Head to the table for high rollers, or whales, as casinos often call them. At these tables, literally, millions of dollars are spent in the evening. High rollers often have a cancellations of maximum bets limit. It's not a problem to see a baccarat player betting $ 300,000 on the one hand.

Besides, you can often meet there various celebrities and movie stars who like to spend some money in a casino.

4. Enjoy Local Hospitality

Believe it or not, casinos are a place where you can eat well and most importantly, cheaply. Even smaller casinos often have some refreshments ready for visitors, for example in the form of buffets. In the big ones, you can find some of the most famous and best restaurants in the world.

5. Watch a Show

Although not much is known about it, large casinos are usually closely associated with culture. After all, for example, in the famous casino in Monte Carlo there is a national theatre, and in another Monaco casino, you will also find the Opera De Monte Carlo.

You can also find theatres, concerts by the most famous musicians or the best circuses in all major casinos in Las Vegas. Definitely don't miss such a show, just because you won't see it anywhere else.

6. Go Shopping

There are also department stores or branded stores in larger casino resorts. This option will be appreciated especially by ladies, who have the opportunity to buy a souvenir from a trip to the casino in the form of new shoes or clothes.

7. Examine the Casino's Security System

It may not seem like it at first sight, but even this can be quite fun. Casinos are among the most-watched places around the world. Try, but mainly inconspicuously, to count all the cameras on the playing area or watch the floor managers and other casino employees at work.

8. Learn New Games

If the evening entertainment doesn't last too long and you get up the next day early, take advantage of the opportunities offered by some casinos and learn new table games. In the morning and at noon, there are practice games with croupiers, where you can try all the games and rules with fake money.

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