The Best Bitcoin Casinos

Find the best Bitcoin and crypto casino reviews for 2023

Find the best bitcoin casino today. Check out the list of online casinos where you can play with cryptocurrencies and enjoy benefits like anonymity, safe and fast transfers, or low transfer fees. Find the crypto casino with the highest bonus or read our unbiased reviews.

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Yoju Casino
100% up to BTC 2
75% up to BTC 2
Try Yoju Casino and get a welcome package worth up to €2000 or 5 BTC + 100 Mega free spins. The casino also offers other bonuses, tournaments or challenges.

What is good

  • Bitcoin casino
  • Welcome bonus up to €2000 + 100 FS
  • VIP program
  • Large selection of games
  • Mobile friendly


Software and graphics 8
Game options 8,2
Bonuses and promotions 7,5
Payment options 7
Customer support 8
Reputation 8
0xBet casino
30 free spins no deposit
Register at 0xBet Casino and get 30 free spins before your first deposit.

What is good

  • 30 free spins without a deposit
  • Crypto casino
  • Possibility to deposit fiat currencies as well
  • Mobile casino
  • VIP program with rakeback


Software and graphics 8
Game options 8
Bonuses and promotions 6
Payment options 7
Customer support 7,5
Reputation 8
€5 No Deposit
100% up to €25
Visit Bitcoza crypto casino and get a €5 no deposit bonus. The casino then gives players €25 on their first deposit.

What is good

  • No deposit bonus
  • €25 on first deposit
  • Loyalty program with cashback and other bonuses
  • Large selection of games
  • Mobile casino
  • Fast deposit and withdrawals


Software and graphics 8
Game options 7
Bonuses and promotions 6
Payment options 7
Customer support 7
Reputation 7
Justbit casino
Read our full review of the new JustBit cryptocasino with 3x 15% cashback and 30 free spins for new players.

What is good

  • 3x 15% cashback without WR + 30 free spins
  • No KYC process for crypto players
  • Large selection of games
  • Mobile casino
  • Regular slots tournaments
  • VIP program


Software and graphics 8
Game options 8
Bonuses and promotions 7
Payment options 8
Customer support 7
Reputation 7
WildCoins Casino
115% up to BTC 1
75% up to BTC 1.2
Play at the bitcoin casino with a welcome bonus for new players of up to 3.5 BTC and 300 free spins.

What is good

  • Cryptocasino
  • Welcome package worth and 3.5 BTC and 400 free spins
  • Quick and easy account verification
  • VIP program
  • Mobile casino


Software and graphics 8
Game options 7
Bonuses and promotions 8
Payment options 6
Customer support 8
Reputation 7

What are bitcoin casinos and crypto casinos

Bitcoin is a virtual decentralized currency that you can buy, sell and also pay with. A network of people's personal computers around the world is used to produce these currencies and validate transactions. This "money" exists only online and cannot be withdrawn from an atm. There is no state or government behind them, and there is no central registry that controls payments.

Transactions are confirmed by individual miners who provide some of the power of their individual computers to create new virtual coins. If payment is confirmed, it is encrypted into all these computers, making it almost impossible to forge the transaction confirmation or hack the network.

One of the most important features of cryptocurrencies is anonymity. When you open a bank account, you have to prove your real identity. When you open a bitcoin wallet you are assigned an alphanumeric address under which all transactions are recorded. Linking such money flows to the actual identity of the sender or recipient is very complicated.

Along with the creation of virtual currencies, the first online casinos where slots and other casino games can be played with cryptocurrencies are also being developed.

The most famous cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Cardano
  • Stellar
  • Chainlink
  • Binance Coin
  • Tether
  • XRP

Of course, there are many more cryptocurrencies. And there are new ones practically every day. However, the vast majority of these currencies are worthless and are not accepted by online casinos. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin are the most common cryptocurrencies to deposit into crypto casinos. A number of operators also offer the option to deposit and withdraw in other virtual currencies.

How Bitcoin Casinos Operate

Very simply, it could be said that bitcoin casinos work very similarly to all online casinos. You just use cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies. You set up a player account to which you send money. With this money, you bet on selected casino games. If you are lucky and win, you send the funds to your own account, e-wallet, or bitcoin wallet. It depends on the payment options of each casino.

Bitcoin casinos use Blockchain technology, which offers several advantages over traditional payment options. These casinos are thus suitable for players who want to take advantage of secure anonymous payments. All transactions take place from one e-wallet to another without any personal information being visible.

Basically, we can say that there are three types of crypto casinos:

Hybrid casinos - In these casinos, it is possible to play with both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies such as euros, dollars or pounds. These casinos are usually licensed by individual authorities and players here must go through a full KYC (know your customer) process. This means that they have to prove their identity, for example by using an offset ID card.

Crypto-exclusive casinos - In these casinos, you can only play for crypto. Otherwise, they are essentially no different from hybrid and online casinos. If the casino is licensed, the player must provide proof of identity before making a withdrawal, especially if they are of legal age.

Anonymous crypto casinos - These casinos take full advantage of the anonymity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Players here only enter a nickname and password. Using their wallet, they send the required amount of bitcoin to this account and play. They then collect their winnings back into their wallet. Again, anonymously. However, this type is relatively rare.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

If you've ever played at online casinos, you know that players receive many bonuses. At this point, you are probably wondering if you can get such bonuses at bitcoin casinos as well. And the answer is, of course, yes. Crypto casinos offer the same types and equally generous bonuses that you will find in classic online casinos.

The bitcoin casinos offer no deposit bonuses. That is a bonus just for creating an account. But most often you will get a bonus for the first deposit. This means that the casino will add the value of the deposit to your account. For example, if you deposit 1mBTC, you will get an extra 1mBTC from the casino. This bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately, but you must meet the so-called wagering requirements. Just like in a regular online casino.

Whether the bonuses are profitable always depends on these conditions. For this reason, we recommend that you always study these conditions carefully.

The most common bonuses at bitcoin casinos

Deposit money bonuses - For every deposit, the casino will give you a percentage of the deposited amount.

  • No Deposit Bonus - The casino will reward you with a small cash bonus for creating an account before your first deposit.
  • Free spins - You will get free spins on selected slots.
  • Cashback - Some casinos will send you back a portion of your winnings for a certain period.
  • Loyalty points - For wagers placed, you receive loyalty points from the casino which can be redeemed for bonuses or cash.

💡 Read more about how casino promotions work in our article on casino bonuses.

Main Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

Playing at bitcoin casinos comes with many benefits. We have selected for you those benefits that are directly related to the use of cryptocurrencies and that you will not get with traditional online casinos.

Decentralized currency

One of the main benefits of cryptocurrencies is decentralization. It means that these currencies are not regulated or controlled by any country or company in the world. No one is looking over your shoulder to see where you are sending money to or receiving money from. Another benefit associated with decentralization is that bitcoin is accepted everywhere in the world where it is legal. So you save on exchange fees.


Another advantage of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin casinos is the anonymity of the players. You don't waste your time sending in scanned documents or bank statements. Real bitcoin casinos let you play, and they don't care who you are. At this point, we would like to remind you that a sufficiently motivated state apparatus is capable of tracking your identity. So don't use bitcoin for money laundering or tax evasion.


By its very nature, bitcoin transfers are among the most secure transactions. Bitcoin is linked to special Blockchain technology that uses advanced cryptography to secure transactions. This and other security features make the blockchain very difficult to hack.

Fast payments

If we're talking about bitcoin, the average time to complete a transaction is about 10 minutes. If you're sending funds to a casino, you'll have them in your account in a matter of minutes. When making a withdrawal, then, it depends mostly on the processing time of your request by the casino administration.

Low or no fees

One of the biggest disadvantages of international bank transfers, for example, are the high fees. The same applies to most e-wallets. This won't happen to you with bitcoin. The average fee is currently around €2.5. However, these fees can be much lower depending on how long you want your request to take to be processed by the miners.

The Main Disadvantages of Bitcoin Casinos

Playing at crypto casinos comes with its own disadvantages. Let's take a look at the main ones.

A smaller selection of casinos

By no means do all online casinos accept cryptocurrencies. While it is true that nowadays most offer the option to deposit in bitcoins. Very rare are anonymous crypto casinos that do not require KYC processes. Thus, it may happen that you have to settle for a casino in which, for example, you will not find the desired bonuses or your favorite games.

Unable to refund transactions

Once a transaction is confirmed and you have sent money from your bitcoin wallet, it cannot be refunded. There is no chargeback here, as there is with credit cards, for example.

Volatility in the value of cryptocurrencies

Since many people use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an instrument in the financial markets, bitcoin is very volatile. This means that its value often falls or rises unpredictably. A prize that was worth €200 on Wednesday may be worth only €150 on Friday. On the other hand, it can be the other way around.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money from Bitcoin Casinos

Before you can play at any Bitcoin casino, you must own Bitcoin. You can get bitcoin in several ways. The quickest is, of course, to exchange it for fiat currency. For this, you need a special exchange app or a bitcoin wallet. It's true that you don't have to buy the whole bitcoin, most people probably don't have the money for that. But you only buy a portion of Bitcoin.

For convenience, here are the sub-units of Bitcoin:

  • sat. (Satoshi) = 0.00000001 BTC
  • µBTC (Microbitcoin) = 0.000001 BTC
  • mBTC (Milibitcoin) = 0.001 BTC

How to Get Bitcoins

You can buy or mine bitcoin. You can buy it in any exchange app
Once you have bitcoin, you store it in a bitcoin wallet (some wallets also offer an exchange option) From this wallet you send and receive bitcoins.

💡 You can read more in our detailed article How to deposit money into Bitcoin Casino.

You can find information about payments after creating your casino account in the relevant section. Just select the bitcoin option there to learn more. Basically, though, it's a very simple process compared to any financial transaction and won't take you more than a few minutes.

What Can You Play

Many people ask what games they can play at bitcoin casinos. The answer may surprise you, but you'll play the same games as in all other casinos. It then just depends on whether the crypto casino has a valid license from one of the world's licensing authorities.

Popular bitcoin slot machine software providers:

  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • Play N Go
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Concept Gaming
  • And many more

All casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more are available. Of course, there are also online slots. Some bitcoin casinos also offer live casino games or a poker room. A number of crypto casinos function as a bookmaker and you can also find odds betting on sports and other events.

What is Important to Know before Sign up in Bitcoin Casino

Since no two casinos are the same, you as a player are faced with a tough decision. Where to start playing for real money. It depends, of course, primarily on your personal preferences. That's why we've prepared some tips that will make it easier for you to choose a bitcoin casino.

Type of casino

Decide if you want to play completely anonymously or if you don't mind giving the casino your personal information. If you want to play anonymously, you need to find a pure crypto casino where you only register with a nickname and password.


Most often, you will see casinos offering deposits in bitcoins. However, there are many more cryptocurrencies. Make sure the casino you choose accepts the cryptocurrency you want to play with.


As we wrote above, bitcoin casinos offer a plethora of bonuses and perks for players. With bonuses, you can get bitcoin for betting worth up to several hundred euros or dollars. If you are a complete beginner, we rather recommend playing without a bonus. This is because violating the terms of the bonus can result in the bonus being withdrawn or your account being blocked.


What are your favorite games? Do you play more slots or table games? Or do you only play in the Live Casino? The answers to these questions will help you choose a bitcoin casino where you play for real money. You can browse the games before you sign up. Plus, at most casinos, you'll get to try out free, risk-free games.


The experience of other players is an invaluable aid when choosing an online or bitcoin casino. You will immediately know if the casino pays out money, how their customer service works, etc. You can find these player reviews on online casino comparison sites.

FAQ - Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos

❓ Are bitcoin casinos legal?

Yes and no. It mainly depends on the jurisdiction you are in. The vast majority of countries in the world consider cryptocurrencies to be legal. These are mainly the countries of the European Union, North and South America, parts of Africa and Australia. A portion of states prohibit the use of bitcoin as payment. In some countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia or Nepal, cryptocurrencies are banned altogether.

Secondly, there is the question of the legality and illegality of online gambling. In order for an online casino to be legal, regardless of the currency, it must possess a license to operate online gambling. It follows that bitcoin casinos, are legal wherever bitcoin is legal, online gambling and the casino owns the required license to that jurisdiction.

❓ Are bitcoin casinos safe?
Yes. Bitcoin casinos are secure just like all other online casinos. Bitcoin transactions are considered one of the safest transfers of today. So the key is to choose a quality casino. A certain guarantee should be the aforementioned valid gambling license. Therefore, only choose established casinos with a good gambling reputation.
❓ Do I get a no deposit bonus at bitcoin casinos?
Yes. Bitcoin casinos offer a variety of bonuses. Among them, there are also no deposit bonuses. But not every cryptocasino offers them. So you have to search. Our casino bonus comparator will help you do that.
❓ How do I know if a casino accepts bitcoin?
You've found a casino you like, but you don't know if can play there with bitcoins. At most crypto casinos, you'll find a mention of bitcoin on the main page, probably on a banner ad. If you're not sure, check the terms and conditions or bonus terms, where some casinos list the currencies. Once you register, you will find all available payment methods and currencies in the Payments section.
❓ How does registration work?
Registration in a bitcoin casino is done according to the type of cryptocasino. If you are playing at a licensed casino, you must create an account using and confirm your identity before withdrawing. This means sending documents such as an offset ID, bank statement, utility or phone bill, and more. Registration in a bitcoin casino is done according to the type of cryptocasino. If you are playing at a licensed casino, you must create an account and confirm your identity before withdrawing. This means sending documents such as an offset ID, bank statement, utility or phone bill, and more. If you are registering at an anonymous bitcoin casino, registration is very simple. You just need to come up with a nickname, password and play.