Feb 10, 2018
Casino strategy

Casino Bets with Zero House Edge

The fact that the casino never loses is not a coincidence. For all casino games is set a certain amount of house edge, which mathematically guarantees the profit. Meanwhile, players around the world are trying to break this magic line without success. Today, you will find out which wagers offer you the same chance against the casino as it has against you.

Deuces Wild video poker with an optimal strategy has managed to beat the casino's advantage 100.76%. Players edge is also in particular situation in blackjack and in games with high progressive jackpots. Many other games are offering the zero house edge.

Games with the lowest house edge

Game Bet House edge
Pai Gow Poker 1,46 %
Craps Pass, come 1,41 %
Craps Don't pass, don't come 1,36 %
Baccarat Player's bet 1,24 %
Baccarat Banker's bet 1,06 %
Jack or Better 0,46 %
Blackjack 0,28 %

It is almost impossible to find games with players edge in the land-based casinos. However, some particular bets offer equal chances. These include, for example, craps bets or the gamble feature on some slot machines.

Odds Bets in Craps

In addition to the basic craps bets you can see in the table, so-called odds bets can also be placed. The principle is quite simple. In addition to the original main bet (such as Don't come, Pass), you place an additional bet, which will be paid out if the selected number falls.

The payout for odds bets

  • 4 or 10 pays 2 to 1
  • 5 or 9 pays 3 to 2
  • 6 or 8 pays 6 to 5

The Gamble Feature for Slots and Video Poker

Another rare type of bet where the casino's advantage equals zero is the "gamble" function. The principle is straightforward. After each win, the slot will give you the option of doubling the amount you win.

Most often you can see that a player is shown a deck of cards and two buttons with black and red. Click on the selected colour to display the card with the package. If you hit correctly, you win, if not you lose and go back to the slot's screen. Some new slot machines no longer use a deck of cards, but instead, for example, a coin flip or anything else. However, the principle is the same everywhere. You have two options to choose from, and if you hit, you win twice.

Funkce gamble u automatů

Usually, slot machines offer this feature with various conditions. For example, it is not possible to double winnings above a specific limit. This information can always be found in the paytable at the slot. Some new slots offer that players can deposit only a part of the win.

When Play the Gamble Feature

In general, it is better to try gamble on machines with lower volatility, where the winnings are smaller and much more frequent. Do not forget that even if it is proportionally a straight bet, it reduces by half the chance of any win.

Also, it is not worthwhile to use the gamble feature if you are currently fulfilling wagering requirements to casino bonuses. Some online casinos declare in the general bonus terms that the maximum possible bet can be made on slot machines or other games without violating these terms and conditions.

Although it may not be apparent at first glance, the use of gamble is considered a regular bet by the casino, and since you have already multiplied your initial bet by the win, almost every attempt to double will result in the limit being exceeded. This puts you at risk that the casino will not recognize any winnings that occurred before the completion of the bonus wagering conditions.

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