Mar 26, 2021

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

author Luke Seidel

Poker is constantly evolving from its classic forms of Draw and Stud. Gradually, other variants emerged, as players looked for ways to improve the process and add a different flavour to the basic version of the game. One of the most widespread in virtual casinos is the so-called Caribbean Poker.

Caribbean Stud poker begins with an initial deposit (Ante) after which you will receive five cards. The dealer will also receive five cards, but only one of them will be visible - the remaining four are dealt face down. Based on the cards and comparing them with the dealer's visible card, the player must decide whether he has a better hand than the dealer. If you think your hand is worse than the dealer's cards, you can fold. If you fold, you will lose your initial deposit. If you decide to bet, the remaining cards of the dealer will be turned over.

There is one important rule: To bet, the dealer must have at least an ace and a king combo. If this is not the case, the second bet is cancelled and the player is paid a win in the ratio of 1:1 of the initial deposit. If the dealer has this combination, both combinations are compared and you either win or lose. If both combinations are equal, it is a tie and you get your deposit back.

Different combinations lead to different amounts of winnings. For example, the royal flush will bring a much bigger win than two pairs. You can find the exact specifications of the number of winnings in your online casino.

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