How to win at Slots

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How to win at slots

Want to know how to win at slots? Playing slot machines is not just about luck. We've put together the most sophisticated guide on how to beat slot machines. Tutorials, strategies, and must-know tips and tricks. What's more, you can try everything you learn and play with us completely free of charge and without registration.

However, I'm going to disappoint many of you. It is not easy to win at slots. Slots are based on randomness, and winning big money is not a common thing while knowing the secret of how to beat the slot machine is the dream of every player. Since everything in gambling depends on fortune, there is no guarantee of success when visiting a casino.

Tips and Tricks to win at Slot Machines

There are a few tips for increasing your chances of winning slots. The number 1 principle is always to remember that each slot machine has its own payroll structure and rules.

There are still many different enthusiasts who are searching for patterns in slots’ outcomes. And most of the 100 % bulletproof systems of how to win at slots originate from these enthusiasts.

The fact is, however, that slots have no memory and every game is based purely on luck, or the lack of it. The only correct strategy is to play and stick to a few rules in order to help you to play better. However, these tips are not based on any systems or statistics of slot machines.

1. Find the Slot with the Highest Return to the Player

The well-known craps player, Frank Scoblete, in one of his books describes the encounter with his guru, a legend known as The Captain.  At one of their first meetings, he gave Frank this good advice:

💡 Do not play games with high casino advantage. It's offering higher payouts, but you will definitely lose more money in the long run.

This same advice applies to slot machines. Each online slot machine offers a different return, or RTP (return to player). The higher the RTP number, the less you lose. Especially if you play often. RTP can be found in the information of all games. Most online slots have a return to player of around 96 %. If it offers a lesser number, you should not play it. Some slots have a superb RTP of around 98 %, for example, Blood Suckers by NetEnt.

How to win at slots - Return to player example - Bloodsuckers slot

Before you start playing for real money, just try the slot for free. Every online casino offers that. Launch the game and try to find Return to player figure. If it is very low, do not play this game no matter how good-looking it is. Never play games or place bets with bad RTP.

2. Watch Your Bankroll

You cannot win every time, so always know just how much you can afford to spend. Determining the amount of money that you can use for the game is one of the basics of proper money management.

This is very important for all players. It does not matter how you play, what you play, or how much you play.

You should always bet to achieve the longest gaming sessions possible. It is also necessary to keep your bankroll so that you can experience a winning series that pumps your bankroll through the roof. If you lose your bankroll too soon, you will have absolutely no chance of getting a positive series during the game. In online casinos, always think of this golden rule of online gambling.

Smart players always know when to leave the table. And it doesn't matter whether they are winning or losing. This is the best way to protect your money. Always set limits on winning and losing. It depends only on you. Be careful, this is very important.

3. Watch the Time

Always keep in mind how much time you spend at the slot machines. The best way of doing this is to combine it with the previous point. Just watch it by setting a financial limit. For example, you end up winning the chosen amount and stop playing until another day.

4. Lady Fortune is Standing at Your Side

Have a lucky streak? In that case, keep playing. But keep yourself in line and do not bet more than you can afford. Because it might also happen that you will eventually leave with empty pockets. And of course, no player likes that.

5. Direct Proportionality Doesn’t Apply to Slots

We mentioned earlier that you should play in a way that helps you to play longer. But it is important to realize that a longer session doesn't always mean bigger winnings. If you meet your limit, you should end. We mention betting strategies a little further on.

6. Play at the Maximum Bet (when it is convenient)

But only if you are worth it! The amount of your bet should always be based primarily on your total bankroll. When playing slot machines, you can change the bet at any time, so there is no problem here.

Because of the negative expectation, betting with the max denomination will only deplete your bankroll faster. On the other hand, in some situations, it may be beneficial to play for more money. This is particularly the case when higher bets will unlock additional game features and increase the return to the player figure or allows one to win a progressive jackpot.

For most of the progressive slots, jackpots are only available to players who bet at the maximum level. In such a case, it is always better to bet for a max. Otherwise, you only raise the jackpot for the player who comes after you. If your bankroll does not allow you to bet on max with jackpot machines, it's better not to play at all.

7. Take Advantage of Casino Loyalty Points

Not many people know that using a loyalty point that online casinos offer could lower the house's edge.

Let's say, for example, that you get 1 point for every €5 bet on the slot machine. You can exchange 100 points for €1. Therefore, for every €500, you can get €1 in cash.

With a little help from Mathematics, we will find that for each €1 you will get back €0.002. In conclusion, the RTP of the machines will increase by 0.2 %. It's not too much, but in gambling, even tenths of a percent count.

8. Slot Winning Frequencies

One of the things that most novices are not familiar with is the winning frequency. This indicator shows how often you can expect a win, on average. Slot machines have an average winning frequency of 10 to 20 %. That means that (again on average) every 10th to 20th spin wins.

If a slot machine pays out more often, it usually means that individual winnings are lower, but you can play this online slot longer and wait for a bonus feature. If a slot pays out less often, it probably doesn't have any bonus rounds or features, but the payouts for individual winning lines are higher.

With this knowledge, you could adjust your play to your bankroll and style.

Strategies and Betting Systems Which Help You Win at Slots

If you've already read something about betting systems and strategies, you might notice that they can be divided into two categories:

  1. Change the betting pattern when winning or losing
  2. Change the betting pattern when changing the player/casino advantage

Betting systems, when the bet amount depends on the outcome of the previous round, have been well-known for centuries. For example, Martingale, when a player doubles a bet after a loss and returns to the basic level when winning, was the first betting system ever. A similar system is also known as Fibonacci, which uses the famous mathematical sequence.

What is interesting about these two systems is that, without bet limit or bankroll size, they show a long-term increasing tendency, but with deep falls. However, after adding adjustments such as table limits, these systems are also hopelessly unusable.

Systems from the second group are far more exciting. The player changes the bet amount when the expected value (or house edge) changes. These systems are mostly used by card counters at blackjack, where the house edge varies according to the number of remaining high cards in the decks.

There are several betting strategies on how to win at slots that fall into both categories. So let's take a look at some of them.

1. Betting Strategy for ELK Slot Machines

Some elementary systems have already been developed by people from the ELK company, who make online slots. They have made up 3 betting strategies:


The bet will increase by 2 levels after every 5 consecutive losses. When the player wins, the bet returns to the original level.

Taco Brothers Leveler Strategy


The bet will increase by 1 level after each loss until it rises by 4 levels. When the player wins, the bet returns to the original level.

Taco Brothers Booster Strategy


The Jumper system is the opposite of the Booster. In this case, the bet increases by 1 level after a win until it rises by 4 levels. Each loss returns the bet to the original amount.

Taco Brothers jumper strategy

You can try these systems free of charge at the Taco Brothers slot machine. Any of these 3 strategies can be selected directly from the game menu, so players don't have to adjust the bet amount after each turn.

Just remember! These are not proven systems, and the game developers themselves claim that playing according to these strategies doesn’t change the return to the player of the slot machine.

2. Strategy for Slot Machines 20 + 20

We like to try out new things. And this betting strategy is quite new. But be careful, it is so drastic that we must warn you in advance:

With this strategy, you will not win in the long run. It is based only on luck.  For this strategy, you need exactly €135. If you have less, it makes no sense to bet on this system.

💸 Betting Principle

You start by playing a 25-cent slot and you play 20 games with one unit. It will cost you €5. If you are in profit after these 20 spins, start the next 20-spin series. But if you finished this 20-spin series at a loss, move to the next level.

The basic principle is very simple: You always play 20 spins. If you win, you remain on existing bets. Once you are below the initial bankroll level, you move to the next step.

So if you lose 20 games with a 50-cent bet, you go for the dollar bet for a €1 spin and after that the final for €5. Twenty dollars cost you €20 and €5 costs €100.

The worst thing that can happen and often happens is when you lose all 80 games in a row and you lose all €135. But during the 20-game sequence, you usually hit some small winnings.

Which Slots Are the Best for the 20+20 System?

A very important thing is to choose the best possible slot machine for this strategy.

Play only on slot machines that pay out winnings at the same rate. For example, one credit jackpot is paid €400, two credits are paid €800, and three credits payout €1 200.

Once you've crossed all levels, from 25 cents to €5 check your bankroll status. If you're in extra, go to €5 slots, if you're at a loss, go to 25-cent slots and play again.

You must have at least €135 for each 20 + 20 series. Whatever amount you have won or lost in the previous game, always put it away and do not play any further with it.

You do not have to play the whole game on one slot machine. If you do not like the 25-cent play, you can go right away to the next level. Follow your guts, it's a lucky system. Choose your favorite slots and enjoy the game.

Hot to Manage Finances

The disadvantage of the 20 + 20 system is that you lose far more money on €5 slots than on slots with a different denomination. It is true. But on the other hand, these slots usually pay out quite a lot. And if you're lucky, just two winning spins will cover your entire bankroll for the game.

For this 20 + 20 strategy, your bankroll management is also important. If you have €600, you can play the entire sequence four times. Always follow all 20 + 20 principles and you will see that the game is even more fun. Do not lose control of the game and do not slip away, if you have a losing series. Otherwise, you could lose far more money. As we said earlier, this may not be the best strategy on how to win at slots.

3. Standard Deviation Slot Strategy

Using standard deviation to predict the outcome of a slot machine is a strategy that can be found on some sites. And we decided to debunk it. First of all, let us clarify what the standard deviation is and why we should be interested in the machines at all.

💡Standard Deviations

The standard deviation is a relatively often used quantity in the statistics, which tells us how much the values are deviated or scattered from the arithmetic mean. In our case, it would be the payout of the slot machine.

Thanks to the random number generator, slot machines' payouts can be over 100 % in a short period of time, so players can actually get some winnings.

This standard deviation is then referred to as the volatility and it shows us the risk of an individual slot. Knowing slots' volatility can be helpful in creating budget and betting strategies. It is true that slots with high volatility pay less often, but have higher figures and vice versa.

Well, this can be shown by a very simplified example, when we wager four bets each of 100 coins on two slot machines. In both cases, we will withdraw €200.

  Slot Machine A Slot Machine B
Bet Win Win
100 0 40
100 0 70
100 0 50
100 200 40
Sum 200 200
Arithmetic Mean 50 50
Standard Deviation 100 14,1421

As you can see, in both cases, the result is the same. The player withdraws €200 and a total loss is €200.

In the Table, you can see that, even though the average is the same for both games, the standard deviation is different. Good news, everyone! You do not have to count the volatility of the slots as we do. Just take a look at the payroll for the individual symbols.

If the top symbol pays out 200 coins, it could be a low volatility slot. If the slot offers 5 000 coins for the highest symbol, it will be a slot with high volatility.

How to Use Standard Deviation Strategy

On the Internet, you can find a strategy that claims that slot players are able to use this statistical calculation. According to this strategy, you need to find the slots which meet these 3 steps:

  1. You need to find a slot machine with an even payout ratio between bets. This means that if a slot pays out for a 1-unit bet with 5 units’ winnings, it must pay out for a 2-unit bet with 10 units’ winnings.
  2. Determine the usual number of spins between winnings. To define this number, you should play as many spins as possible. But at least 10 winnings should be enough.
  3. From these spins between winnings, then calculate the common arithmetic mean. If the numbers of spins between winnings are 12, 9, 24, 4, or 6, the AM will be 11. ((12 + 9 + 24 + 4 + 6) / 5 = 11)

Once you have calculated the AM, play the game for the minimum bet and change it to max every 11th every spin. In some cases, it is also recommended to play for a maximum of 9, 10, 12, and 13 spins to increase the chances of winning. Very simple.

Why Strategy Based on Standard Deviation is Not a Good Slots Strategy

  • Although at first sight, it may seem that calculating the average number of spins between winnings may be the correct logical step, it is not really the case.
  • If we ignore the fact that you actually don't calculate standard deviation at all, this strategy has a major fault.
  • Because of the random number generator,  betting according to the calculated average does not increase the probability of winning.

It is the same example as with a coin flip where, according to the average, every second flip is the winning one. But if you grab a coin and flip it, the short-term results will be different. The same principle is applicable to slot machines.

Sure, once in a while you will surely hit the winning line with the max bet, but the problems are those spins that you will lose.

✔️ For this strategy to be effective, it must be ensured that:
Winnings from the maximum bets > Number of maximum bets * (maximum bet amount - minimum bet amount)
A simple example:

We tested this strategy on the Supreme Hot online slot, where we played 246 spins and recorded a total of 20 wins.

Gaps between winnings were 18, 25, 11, 3, 18, 1, 14, 7, 24, 32, 3, 4, 1, 6, 1, 3, 13, 26, 32 and 4 spins. The arithmetic mean was calculated as 12, 3 spins. After rounding, we assume that every 12th turn was a winning one.

We analyzed the game and found that out of the total of 20 max bets, only 1 bet was a winning one. The win was 1 600 coins, but this did not cover the total loss.

Total loss was 1 900 coins (20 bets * (100 max-5 min)). If therefore, under the same conditions, the 246 spins were played with a minimum bet, our bankroll would have been 300 coins larger.

Individual games may differ, but in the long run, it will generally apply that you will lose money with this strategy.

4. Three Rule Strategy on How to Win at Slots

Introducing Rule Three Strategy. It's actually a strategy game and sticking to it will maximize your chances of winning at slots.

Rule Three allows you to enjoy longer game sessions, and you'll come home with some winnings in your pocket. And that's a great success when it comes to slot machines.

So how does Rule Three work? Take, for example,  €600 that you have reserved for today’s slot machine session. The first rule is to find the slot with the right denomination. With €600 you do not have a strong enough bankroll for playing full-stakes dollar machines.

  • If you want to play a real dollar slot, you have to do it with only minimal bets. And as always, try to find slots with the highest RTP possible.
  • Now you can even divide your €600 into three groups of €200. Take the first €200 and put it into your favorite slot machine. No matter what that is.
  • At dollar machines, you only bet $1, at 25-cent slots, you play with the max bet. As soon as you bet €70, stop the game and see if you're in or out.
  • If you have won something, have your winnings paid out, whatever they are. From the remaining amount, separate $70 and do not play with it anymore.

How to Play?

Now you have your win and you can play on the same slot machine as follows:

  • Suppose we ended up with €30 after a €70 session. We'll put that $30 into the slot machine and we'll want to double it or lose it, except for €10 (a third of the winnings). Take this €10 and add it to the already deferred €70. Now you will go home with $80.
  • And what if we initially win €60 extra? We'll postpone $20. So we always postpone one-third of the winnings. That's precisely how Rule Three works. Once you've built up any winnings, put it all aside and do not play with it.
  • Now, take another $70 of the $200 stack, roll it into the same slot and play the same formula as you did before. And why on the same machine? Why not? You won, did you not?
  • Once you roll $70 and you're not up, pick up what you have left and move to another slot machine.

The First Round Is Behind Us

When you’ve played through the first €200 (€70, €70, and €60), take a short break from the game.

After you’ve had a rest, go through the data of the game and the results. If you've lost something, or if you have only a little money left, make it easy for yourself to take a small amount of money home. But do not forget that you still have €400, and you have not lost everything.

After a break, return to play and play the same way you played with the first $200.

Final Phase

Now go to the final stage. If you have won good money, and you are sure that you will go home somewhat richer, play as you please. Take $100 from the last part and try to win as much as possible. You have the money in your pocket, and the longer you play, the higher your chances of winning.

And what if all three mini-sessions are lost? Go home and be glad that you took home something and didn’t go home empty-handed. That's because you played smart.

Use Rule Three on the machines and you can be sure to be able to play the next day.

How to Win a Slot Tournament in Land-Based Casinos

how to win at slots tournaments in casino

Learn how to win a slot tournament and get extra free cash or other cash rewards. We have gathered basic tricks and strategies for offline and online tournaments to help you increase your chances of winning. Improve your slot skills with our ultimate guide.

If you are bored just playing against a slot machine, you might want to consider whether you want to participate in any of the online slot tournaments. The best online casinos virtually every day offer the opportunity to participate in one of their tournaments. Expecting interesting prizes, you can compare your slot strategy with other players around the world.

All slot tournaments work very similarly to blackjack or poker tournaments. The online casino will announce the date when it will be held and on which slot (or slot machines) are eligible. Usually, players have to register, but in some cases, all you have to do is open selected slots and play. Sometimes, however, there may be “Sit-and-Go” tournaments that begin when the minimum number of participants is registered.

The second step is entering the tournament. It can either be paid or free of charge. This is also the result of the price of the pool. Free tournaments usually have a prize pool of €50 to €300, but you can also find such tournaments that with the free entry you can win up to several thousand euros. However, this is more an exception than a rule. Prizes in the thousands are 90 % only for paid tournaments. The entrance fee is usually in the order of several euros or dollars.

Once you are in the tournament and start playing, it is your goal to play/win more than all other participants. If your bankroll drops to zero and you do not have the option to re-buy, you are just at the end of the road. There are also several types of tournaments here. Firstly, it may be a tournament where it is easy to compare the balances of individual players after the tournament ends and the order will be created accordingly.

Another way to evaluate a tournament is through what is called the “Winbox” when players only add prizes regardless of the amount of the final bankroll. Tournament winners with the highest Winbox then win.

For example - entry to a 3 000-coin tournament, 6 spins

Spin Bet Win Bankroll Win Box
0. 0 0 3 000 0
1. 75 0 2 925 0
2. 75 250 3 100 250
3. 75 25 3050 275
4. 75 100 3 075 375
5. 75 0 3 000 375
6. 75 0 2 925 375

Tips and Tricks How to Win a Slot Tournament

Since online slot machines have not yet introduced elements to allow the player to influence the house edge, the results of the game rounds depend only on the player's luck. However, there are at least some basic pieces of advice that can significantly increase your chance of winning on slots.

 Play as fast as you can

Play as fast as you can. In most slot tournaments, players will get e.g. 1 000 credits and only 10 minutes to play them through. If one spin costs you 3 credits, you have less than 2 seconds for one spin to clear your credit completely. You have to be really fast to do that.

 Always play for the max bet

Higher-stake games, especially those with a higher denomination, give you better payouts. In particular, thanks to the maximum bet, you can qualify for the jackpot.

 Do not bother too much about how much you have already won

Especially in Winbox games, do not worry about scoring on it. Individual winnings are not so significant. You have to play as fast as possible.

 Click through the Bonus Wheels as quickly as possible

In a tournament, you are mainly pushing for time; bonus spins with free spins can cause a significant delay if you do not speed them up.

 Check your time

It is not worth starting a 5-minute slot tournament 2 minutes before it's over. There is no way you can make it in time.

 Possibility to continue the game

Some of the tournaments give you the chance to continue playing, even if the lap time has elapsed. It will almost certainly cost you real money, including in free tournaments. If you want to win, it will sometimes be necessary to continue playing for money. Be sure that others will be willing to as well.

However, here too, use this option only if you are sure it is worth it. If you are already at the prize position after the base round, it can happen that by continuing with the game for the money, you only get to increase the lead over the player below you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments have a number of advantages and a few drawbacks. It is advisable to have all this information before entering the tournament. In our case, these are only general benefits or negatives. Specific situations, of course, will depend on a number of variables, such as what type of player you are, what slots you are allowed to play, if you can switch between slots, and finally but most importantly, one should not forget the VIP status players.


  • You have a higher chance of winning. *
  • You know exactly how much you can lose.
  • You have the chance to win high prizes for a small entry fee or free of charge.
  • VIP status (if you have it) can guarantee free entry to the tournament.


  • You have to play fast.
  • You may not be able to play on your favorite slot.
  • If you win a jackpot, you will not be able to keep it. **
  • You can only play in a tournament at a certain time.

* By having a higher chance of winning, of course, we are not thinking of tournament-adjusted payouts. RTP remains constant at all times. But, some prize pools are in thousands of euros, which may be equivalent to some local jackpots. The chances of winning such a jackpot are a few tens of thousands to 1. When in a tournament where there are 1 000 other players, you have a 1:1000 chance of winning.

** Your winnings during the tournament are only to determine the placement of the other players. This means that even if you hit a progressive jackpot, you are likely to win the tournament, but you will only win the main prize. All winnings on the online slot are dropped after the end of the casino tournament.

Slot tournaments in online casinos

Online casino tournaments are slightly different from those you encounter in the big casinos in Las Vegas. If it is not a VIP event for regular players; any registered player can enter the tournament. There are always one or several slots selected for the tournament, and the date and duration of the tournament are also announced. Most online casinos have a calendar on their website for the months ahead, so there is no problem finding the best one for you.

Tournaments in online casinos are generally free to enter and have slightly different rules from tournaments in brick-and-mortar casinos. When playing in Las Vegas tournaments, players compete in a very short period of time. In online casinos, tournaments often last for several days or weeks.

One thing, however, is common to both casinos. Not all casinos have slot tournaments. Before you sign up for an online casino, make sure they offer it. And, of course, always read the General Terms and Conditions.

Top 5 Slot Tournament Casinos

  Casino Welcome Bonus    
Vera John Up to €100 Read Review Visit
Energy Casino Up to €200 Read Review Visit
OrientXpress Up to €500 Read Review Visit
LVBet €10 No Deposit Read Review Visit
Campeon Casino Up to €300 Read Review Visit
King Billy Up to €200 Read Review Visit

Tips and Tricks How to Win Slot Tournaments in Online Casinos

You will most likely encounter several types of online slot tournaments. Depending on the type, you should choose the appropriate strategy. In both cases, even if you do not pay a fee, you will not play at the machines free of charge, but for real money instead. However, you can keep your winnings.

🎰 Tournament type: Get the most points

In this type of tournament, you get points for every bet you make. It is very simple. The more you play, the more points you get. You will also get more points for higher bets. But remember: only bets for real money are eligible for the tournament.

  1. Sign up for the slot tournament as soon as possible and play from the very beginning

Those who bet the most, win these tournaments. Therefore, it is best to play from the start and play as you would normally play. And invest more money at the end of the tournament, when you see that you have a chance of winning a prize. But if you do not want the first prize too badly, there is no point in pushing thousands to win the tournament when the maximum prize is several hundred € / $.

  1. Choose the best bet size

Maximize the number of points earned per bet. Some point distribution may look like this:

  • Bet €0.20 up to €0.99 = 1 point
  • Bet €1.00 up to €1.99 = 5 points
  • Bet €2.00 up to €2.99 = 15 points
  • Bet €3.00 up to €3.99 = 25 points
  • Bet €4.00 up to €4.99 = 35 points
  • Bet €5.00 + = 50 points

If you have a €500 bankroll, it does not make sense to bet for €2 and get 3750 points, if you can bet for €5 and get 5000 points. And of course, it makes no sense to bet over €5.

  1. Choose the slot with the highest return to player percentage (RTP)

Before the tournament starts, check out the RTP for all slot machines in the tournament. And choose the one with the highest. You will thus play the most favorable slot machine.

🎰 Tournament type: Biggest win on a single spin

In this type of tournament, win the highest value single spin amount relative to your bet amount. It is a little fairer, due to the condition that you do not have to have an astronomical bankroll to win. In addition, bet size does not matter either, because it is the ratio that counts. For example:

  • Win €1 / bet €0.20 - your score is 5 (1 / 0.20)
  • Win €100 / bet €20 - your score is 5 (100/20)
  1. Play with the minimum bet

As has been said, size does not matter. It only depends on the ratio. The more bets you make, the higher the chances of the big win. Do not play through your whole bankroll with high bets if you can make more little ones.

  1. Play on slot machines with higher payouts

Before you start the tournament, check out all the available slot machines and their payout tables. Does one slot offer a 2000-unit pay for three cherries and a €5 bet and another one 2200? Play with the machine with the higher payout ratio. Winnings will not strike as often, but they will be higher and you will get higher points. That is what counts.

What to be careful about when playing online slot tournaments

Just like with every other casino promotion, you should thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions. Especially focus on:

  • Registration Deadline and Tournament Duration

Although it may seem like a sure thing, players are wrong in this too. And it's pretty upsetting not to participate in a tournament just due to late registration.

  • Which slot machines are eligible for the tournament?

Also, pay extra attention to this. There is no reason to play slots that are not in the tournament.

  • Winning criteria

In this article, we have described the strategies for the types of online slot tournaments that are the most common. You can also meet with exceptions and the winner can be evaluated according to other criteria. Keep in mind that different rules require a different strategies.

  • What is a prize pool and how will it be divided?

€5000 is pretty awesome, but if it is divided among 50 players, even the winner barely receives a few hundred. It makes no sense to spend €1000 in a tournament if the prize money is only €500.

How to win at slots in the long run

As with other gambling games, you will find profitable gambling methods that lead to long-term profits. Yes, you are right. Playing with an edge on your side is far more popular, especially with blackjack or poker, but if you want to know how to win at slots, definitely read the following lines. In them, you will learn two ways to win slots in the long run.

Chasing progressive jackpots

One of the classic methods used by professional players involves playing progressive jackpot games with positive expectations. As most players know, progressive jackpots increase with every qualifying bet that any player makes. And during play, there may be times when the jackpot value reaches such a level that subsequent bets have a positive expectation (+EV).

One great way to come up with long-term profits is by playing mini progressive jackpot games. These are games with relatively small variations because you are only playing for small jackpots that range from $50 to $200. And how to play such games?

Of course, the best thing to do is to choose the game with the best positive expectation. And how to achieve that? The best way is to play the game for imaginary money. During this time, you are actually waiting for other players to make enough bets so that the expectation of your subsequent bet is already positive. Once the jackpot is close to its maximum value, enter the game. With this trick, you don't have to make unnecessary bets, but you limit yourself to only the most necessary ones.

However, some players prefer progressive games with huge jackpots. But here it is a bit more difficult to know when the situation occurs when your bet will have positive expectations. Plus, there is a much higher variance because you are trying to win a huge jackpot that hundreds of other players are trying to win. This is also one of the reasons why professional players go hunting for these jackpots in teams.

Playing accumulator games at the right time

Some slot machines have an accumulator built into them, which is loaded with free credits or big multipliers for as long as the player is playing. Players trying to charge the accumulator still face negative expectations, but it is definitely a very fun style of play. Plus, if you are patient enough, you will manage to charge the battery. After that, all you have to do is choose your reward.

But with that also comes a number of interesting situations. Some players, usually drunk, forget or have no idea that they are collecting some free play credits or some of those multipliers win and leave the machine before the reward. So once such a machine is released and you sit down at it, you are suddenly faced with a game where every bet you make has a positive expectation. This won't guarantee you wins, of course, but you can still achieve some interesting wins.

Thanks to the advantage of these accumulators that some slot machines offer, some players seek out just these slots. This is therefore one way to ensure long-term profits. But there is one thing that you should avoid when playing these slots. That thing is annoying and persistent players. However, some pros do have the audacity to ask players playing on slots with a "lucky slot" sign dangling above them to leave their slot. If they get into a fight with players, however, the casino may ban them from playing for a day or more.

Make sure you have a sufficient bankroll

It doesn't matter if you want to go jackpot hunting or choose games with an accumulator. You must always have a high enough bankroll. After all, no one can guarantee that any subsequent bets will bring you a win. So you need to be able to overcome even a long losing streak. In some games, the variance is quite high.

There is no predetermined bet amount that professional players start with. The reason is clear. Every game is a little different and it also depends on the type of advantage. The bankroll amount always depends on the type of game you want to play.

For example, someone trying to hit a mini progressive jackpot or playing an accumulator and +EV game doesn't need as big a bankroll as someone trying to hit a big progressive jackpot.

Let's look at this situation more closely with one example. Suppose you wait until the $100 mini jackpot has almost reached its peak. You sit down at the slot machine at a time when the jackpot is worth $96. For every $1 wagered, the jackpot increases by $0.01. In that case, you have to wager $400 before the jackpot reaches $100. If the game offers a 92% average return, you can expect to lose $32.

(400 - (400 x 0,92) = 32)

However, you still have no guarantee that your particular game has a 92% return, so you need to prepare for even worse conditions. This means we'll need more like $450 to $500 as a starting bankroll. So always make sure you have the right bankroll when playing slot machines.

The Most Common Slot Machine Myths

 Myth number 1

Slots payout wins in cycles - as we've already dug into today, there is some truth to this statement, as slots theoretically pay out wins in cycles. However, the random number generator does a great job and can therefore provide us with more or less random results and the wins do not come in waves and are not predictable in any way.

 Myth number 2

You can schedule a spin and win more - some players really think that they are able to schedule a spin at the right time and thus get the right winning symbols and win more money. But the reality is that the RNG works so fast that no player is able to play constant spins.

 Myth number 3

Casinos change the payback over time - this is utter rubbish here because players thinking that casinos can somehow interfere with the RNG is completely misguided. Casinos cannot interfere with the RNG but its creators. But as we have already mentioned, RNG can be controlled by companies that care about the fairness of casinos and games.

 Myth number 4

Playing the same slot machine will rapidly increase your chances of hitting the jackpot - as we've already covered, all slot machines have RNGs and random results. No one is going to take your jackpot away from you. It doesn't matter if you play twenty spins or a hundred. Because each one is random and will not affect the next spin. The origin of this myth is quite simple. In fact, it has happened several times in casinos that a player who went to try his luck at another slot machine saw someone else who had just won on his old machine.

 Myth number 5

Never play on a slot machine that has just paid out a jackpot - this superstition is based on the belief that the machine won't let people win for a while after it has paid out their winnings. Players then want to play on such slots again only after some time when other people have been on them. Even though slots are really set up to only pay out a certain percentage of millions of spins, in the short term there is the same chance of winning even if someone before you has won the jackpot.

 Myth number 6

Slot machines pay out more often to coins of the same value - a myth based on the idea that the number of coins plays a role in the slot machine paying out a percentage. But slot machines are not designed so that the number of coins plays a role in the spin. In fact, every spin has an equal chance of winning.

 Myth number 7

Casinos set up their slot machines so that the jackpot is paid out at the busiest times. Some people have seen the jackpot won at the busiest hours. And therefore, they believe that it was because of the casino changing the odds. This is because the casino has an interest in creating a gold rush among players and therefore likes to see other people win. But common sense will tell you that the reason for more jackpots at the busiest hours is very simple. It's simply that there is more gambling. If 300 games are played on a slot machine in a day on slower days, there is certainly a greater chance that the jackpot will be won on a day when, say, 900 games are played in a day.

How to Win at Slots FAQ

How do you pick a winning slot machine?

Since slots are strictly game of chance, there is no way how you can tell which slot is going to be the winning one. But, you should always pick the slot with the highest Return to Player ratio. Do not forget to check other things like winning frequency, payout or bonus features.

Do you not know how to figure out all these things? Try online slots for free. You can play for free without risk, and you will see how the works.

Which slot machines have the best odds?

Generally speaking, online slots have a slightly better return to player than the slots in land-based casinos. Here we were pick up five slots with RTP higher than 98 %, which is quite high.

  • Ugga Bugga (Playtech) – 99.07 %
  • Blood Suckers (NetEnt) – 98 %
  • Rock On (Rival) – 98 %
  • Cosmic Quest (Rival) – 98 %
  • Break Da Bank (Microgaming) – 98 %

Remember. Even with extremely high RTP, there is no guarantee that you will win. You will just lose less in the long run.

How do you beat the slot machines?
We are sorry, but there is no sure way how to beat slots. There are some tips like finding the slot with the best odds or always keep your money management. The good way to get more from slots is using the VIP or loyalty program. With these programs, you will get some reward for every bet you make. Almost every online casino offers some kind of loyalty promo, and most of them are redeemable with slots. Just check some online casinos and compare the programs.
Can you tell when a slot machine will hit?
You cannot tell when the slot will hit just watching it. You would have cracked the random number generator and do the math.
Does it matter how much you bet on a slot machine?
Yes, it does. You should always choose the bet amount accordingly to your bankroll. With a higher bet, you can lose all your money faster. On the other hand, if you are lucky, you can win much more. And always remember, it is a good practice to stop playing after the big hit.
Should I play Max bet on slot machines?
It depends on the features of the slot. If the slot offers you, something extra for playing the Max bet, then yes, you should play with the maximum allowed bet. The features may include a chance to win a progressive jackpot, extra bonus rounds, extra free spins, progressively higher payout or wins multiplier. All these features can, and will, increase the return to player ratio.
Are slot machines rigged?
All casino games are rigged in the way that they statistically favour the casino. But, the slots are not rigged as many players thing. The slot doesn't analyze your game and lets you lose intentionally. If you play in the licenced casino, all games are tested by independent auditors.
Are there hot and cold slots?

There are several types of slot machines, which we can divide according to the number of reels, denomination, or the type of the game. Some players even categorized slots into cold and hot ones.

According to some players, when a machine is cold, it means that the slot hasn't paid out for a long time. And because of this, it is due to do so in the near future. On the other hand, when the slot machine is hot, that means the slot is in the "zone" and will pay out more often.

How to win at slots every time?
How to sin at slots every time is an enormously popular question among slot players. Sadly, you can not. Slots are programmed to generate profit for the casino in the long run. And since slots are a game of chance with deflected probability, all players simply can not win all the time. There is no secret strategy or betting system to guarantee that. The best way is to keep good money management so you can lose just money that you not need.

Do you wonder which of these theories is right? Well, of course, neither. But you can still meet people who see trends in any slot machine. It is based on a phenomenon called the clustering illusion. It states that the human brain tends to see streaks or patterns in random events.

When you analyze historical data of slots you may find these lucky streaks, but it doesn't mean that you should or could predict future outcomes.

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