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Dice games are amongst some of the oldest gambling games ever. They were already known in ancient Rome and it is assumed that even the ancestors of contemporary humans played different variants of dice games. Even in the 21st century, dice still have their place in people's lives. And they're not just another game. Craps are among the most popular gambling games in the world.

Craps are easy to find in the casino. They are played on a large table, typically surrounded by noisy players. Yes, playing craps in casinos is primarily a form of social entertainment. The bettors will join up against the casino and try to beat it together. Just watching the other players is already a great experience. There are many superstitions surrounding dice games and the players often make the game a real show.

Try craps for free

At first glance, craps in the casino look a little daunting – the complicated game plan resembles that of roulette, there are unknown concepts and the course of the game seems unclear. An inexperienced player may not even want to start playing. But that would be a mistake. Learning how to play craps could be hard at the beginning, but after you understand the basics, rest is pretty easy.

At the beginning of each game, the shooter rolls two dice. But even before that players bet on pass line or don’t pass line, which means that the sum is either 7 or 11 (pass line and instant win) or it is 2 or 3 (don’t pass line and again an instant win), respectively. If a 12 is rolled, that’s a draw and the bets are returned. If other numbers are rolled, the game continues with another round goes and the players can bet on other numbers. The complete rules can be found in our article on the rules of craps.

How to beat the casino at craps

Craps online for free

Craps Online

In order to be able to beat the casino or at least have a chance to do that, you have to know three important things. The first is to know the game and its rules. The second is proper management of bankroll. But this is not limited to craps, so if you regularly play any gambling games, you are surely already familiar with this issue. The last thing also concerns every gambling game – it’s limiting your losses.

Once you start at the table or open the online casino and choose craps, you can start playing assuredly. And indeed, there are many opportunities. There are dozens of possible bets on craps. It is very important that you always choose only bets with a low house edge. You can often find a bet with a house edge below 1%. And that’s exactly what you should bet on.

If you are just learning to play and don’t want to spend hours playing with imaginary money, we recommend you to choose the pass or don’t pass bets and use table minimum bets. After the first dice roll, support this bet the best you can.

This is the best way to play craps. Even if you play at table minimum, you can support your bet after your first roll by 3x to 10x (or even more in some casinos). These are the so-called odds that will support your original bet and they come without a house edge.

Why play online craps?

  • The oldest gambling ever
  • Various betting methods and high winnings
  • The basic rules are simple
  • An alternative to playing cards


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Craps on your mobile device

You can play craps, just like other games, in virtually every online casino. The online version offers the same rules and house edge as if you were playing them in a brick-and-mortar casino. Playing online may be a little bit lacking in the experience you get when playing with other people, but online betting also has its undisputable benefits:

  • Nowadays, you can play virtually anywhere
  • Online casinos offer great bonuses for both new and returning players
  • Game rounds are much faster
  • You can try craps online for free and without risk

The hottest news is the craps right on your mobile or tablet. As a rule, all available platforms are supported (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry). You can try your luck today – on a train, during a boring lecture or in a restaurant.

Online craps – a royal game you can play from your living room.

Craps were a game of both kings and wanderers. Nowadays, anyone can play in an online casino. You already know the rules (if you have not read it yet, do so now). Pick one of the online casinos under the first deposit bonus article and see if lady luck and the dice will be on your side today.


11. 9. 2017
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Craps is a very popular game in online casinos. It does not matter whether they have become favorites because of the game experience themselves, or because it is one of the games that can make some money through interesting strategies. Due to the fact that some bets offer players a house edge below 2%, they can definitely talk about player-friendly games.

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