Jul 12, 2021

The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Make While Playing Blackjack

Many players make terrible mistakes when playing blackjack. Here is a list of the worst nine. We hope you find this list useful and, most importantly, that you avoid these mistakes.

If you think that all you need to win in blackjack is a little luck, we strongly recommend that you stop playing. Blackjack is not just about luck. The chances of winning in one game are not the same as the chances of another game, because the cards played are given out of play and thus change the odds (sometimes in your favor, sometimes in favor of the casino).

It is true that for individual hands, or even for short game sessions, luck can affect the results, but in the long run, the player's experience and skills are far more important. Thanks to them, the importance of luck decreases and the player wins more than he loses, or he is in the same situation with the casino.

Play without Using Basic Strategy

It was in 1956 that a group of scientists completely changed blackjack because they determined the perfect strategy. This method is known as the basic strategy and thanks to its use, the player can decrease the house edge value between 0.2 and 0.5% (depending on the rules of the game and the number of decks).

Bottom line: blackjack is not a guessing game. If you have a 10-5 hand in your hand and the dealer shows 8, there is only one right play option. It does not matter if you play in a casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau. It does not matter if you have won, lost, or alternated the previous five games. In this situation, the only right choice is to be able to hit.

To be good at playing blackjack, you need to learn this strategy and perform it perfectly. You must not think about the game, you must act almost subconsciously. If you do not want to or cannot accept this, you should choose another casino game, because you can never do anything in blackjack.

Sucker Bets

Today, blackjack casinos offer side bets, which, thanks to their high house edge and low success rate, significantly improve the advantage for the casino. You usually buy them for a dollar, and each one is different. Here are some examples of them:

  • Pair Square: A bet that you get a pair
  • Lucky Ladies: A bet that your initial hand will be 20
  • Bonus Blackjack: A bet that a player or dealer will receive blackjack
  • And so on.

But the problem with these bets is the high house edge and the fact that it hardly wins. And even if you win a few of them during the game, you will lose in the long run.

Use of Progressive Betting Systems

Some blackjack players use progressive betting systems, which means that the size of the bet depends on whether they lost or won the last game. But the problem with progressive betting systems is that they don't change the house edge in any way.

The chances of the result of the next game are not independent of the result of the previous game (the game is affected by the cards that were burned). So a player who uses a progressive betting system is just lying that he has found a way to beat the casino.

Continuous Shuffling

The Continuous Shuffler Machine (CSM) is an automatic shuffler that randomly shuffles all cards after each game. And casinos have recently replaced the card shuffler with continuous card shufflers. If the game uses CSM, the house edge remains virtually the same and the casino also manages to get 20% more games than with a regular automatic shuffler.

And the more games an ordinary player can play, the higher his theoretical loss. So playing on a table with CSM is a bad choice. Always choose a table where the dealer has a classic automatic shuffler and the cards are therefore shuffled after 70% of the deck has been played or a game with one or two decks that he shuffles by hand.

Single-deck Blackjack with BJ 6-5 Payout

Many casinos have started offering a single-deck game that pays 6-5 blackjack instead of the classic 3-2 (6-5 means that with a $ 10 bet, you only get paid $ 12 instead of $ 15). This game is one of the most disadvantageous because such a payout increases the house edge to 1.4%. Playing the 6-5 version of blackjack is like paying taxes for ignorance. Never play such a game.

Failure to Study Tables

The rules of blackjack may vary from table to table or casino to casino. That's why you should never just come and sit at the first table. Go around at first, look at the rules and choose the most advantageous table. Let's take a simple example. A game where the dealer hits on the soft 17 is worse than when the dealer stands on the soft 17. The player should also know which rules are good for him and which for the casino.

Playing Drunk or Tired

How often have you seen a player sitting at a table playing blackjack with completely bloody eyes? Or a player who overdid it with alcohol? If you are tired, you should not play blackjack because you are more inclined to make mistakes. The same goes for alcohol consumption.

Proper blackjack play requires concentration and attention, and anything that distracts you just loses you more money (that's why the casino offers players free alcohol).

Not Paying Attention to the Cards on the Table

Almost no player pays attention to the cards on the table. And that's a big mistake. Let's take an example. If you notice an uneven distribution of low and high cards in the first phase of the game, you can adjust your bets accordingly. If there are more low cards first, increase the bets, if there are more high cards and aces, reduce the bets. And it actually how card counting works, by the way.

Always Play with a Customer Card

You should always play only rated games. Only such a game will provide you with something extra (free food, free accommodation, free tickets to the show, etc.). And such a game costs you nothing. Just before the game, use your club or player card and show it to the dealer. And the amount of points added depends on the level at which you play. In addition, before the game, you can find out exactly how long and at what rewards you will reach with your game.

These benefits will then reduce your loss, or in some cases may shift the advantage of the game to your side. But if you don't get a club or player card, you will never get these benefits. And that would be a really stupid decision. Why not take advantage of the generous offers of casinos?

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