Jan 30, 2020

The most famous superstitions from the world of Craps

Craps are one of the most popular casino games. It also takes the lead in the amount of superstition. We have selected the most famous for you, so the next time you are in the casino, you know what not to do.

There are many superstitions and myths in gambling. You wouldn't believe how many people can be affected by such - sometimes even complete - stupidity. Some are more from the world of live casino but most also concern online gaming. So let's now look at the most famous of them and try to describe them at least briefly, just for the joy of what some players can believe.

A new lady at the table brings happiness, a new man bad luck

If you've been playing craps for a long time, you've probably noticed that some players change the value of their bets from time to time. Especially when a new person appears at the table. If a woman comes, some players under the spell of superstition will start betting more, and vice versa if a player of the opposite sex comes. Some players even stop betting when a man arrives.

The first player at the table is cursed

Many players try to find tables that already have at least one player in play. The reason is simple; some players believe that the first player at the table is "cursed" and for the entire duration of his game, he will be incredibly unlucky and can never win. He could encounter a so-called "cold dice", which means a regrettable event. In case you happen to want to stick to this superstition and be afraid that fate will punish you, you'd better let a newcomer sit down first, and then, with the words "I said it", watch his failure.

Don't say the word "seven" after getting the point

Once a shooter determines a point, it is very unfortunate to say the word "seven." Just as theatre actors don't like to hear a "break in the leg", so some players are picky about just that word. If a player utters this number, a higher power will naturally trip his legs and, of course, only seven will land on the table. So saying the word "seven" is a complete taboo.

Hitting a stranger's hand with a dice

Frankly, even if you were the most superstitious man in the world, you can be absolutely sure that this one will not happen while playing craps online. It's really difficult to hit your co-players hand with a virtual dice. Anyway, if you ever get to play live dice, make sure that you will not hit anyone's hand. In some ways, this superstition is one of the most normal.

Bet against other players

If you are a little familiar with the rules of craps, you already know that bets against a Pass (Don't Pass or Don't Come) are bets where you bet against other players at the table. Most of your teammates will bet on Pass or Come. Even if you don't actually deprive other players of their money, some believe that you are taking away their chances of winning. So if you want to have a good time at the table, it's better to go with the crowd.

The dice falls off the table.

From time to time, the dice fly off the table after the throw. Some players believe that the next roll will start an unfortunate series. If this happens, some shooters require playing with remaining dice to prevent bad luck in the future.

Counting chips at the table

Do not do that. Not only is it often considered rude, but some players also believe that counting chips literally drives luck away from the table. So if you get into a situation where you have to count the playing chips, it is better to do it somewhere else. Possibly very discreetly so that his teammates do not notice.

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