Apr 21, 2022
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The situation of online sports betting in Maryland

Maryland is currently working on the process of legal sports betting.

The situation is such that only retail sports betting has been legalized in the Old Line State. There is hope that in Maryland especially, Maryland online sports betting will be warranted by the end of 2022.

Back in December 2021, retail sports betting became legal, when the first casino-based sportsbook was opened the same month. This ritual was followed by other authorities including the BetMGM Sportsbook, Caesars Sportsbook, and the FanDuel Sportsbook. Later, the trend was adopted and followed by another sportsbook called the TwinSpires Sportsbook at the Ocean Downs Casino.

It is believed that once the process of overseeing the physical opening of sportsbooks is complete, Maryland will probably turn its attention towards the warranting of online sports betting. However, this legalization is soon assumed to be wrapped by the end of the fall of 2022.

Retail sports betting in Maryland

Fantasy sports have been in public use since 2012. This states that players are available for betting while the Old Line State is working on its decision to introduce online sports betting in Maryland. For now, there are two top options for the public to play fantasy sports online, including FanDuel and DraftKings.

It is highly believed that these two sportsbooks will lead the market and will help to bring up the conditions of sports betting in Maryland. This will probably change the landscape of sports betting in Maryland once online betting is legalized. This system seems to be true for FanDuel, which has already seen its development at Live! Casino Hotel.

Currently, sports bettors in Maryland have significantly five options for retail betting. Indeed, they will have several more options by the fall of 2022, which seems to be a positive reaction from the side of the Maryland Government. This can be assumed to coincide with the start of the new NFL season, offering various other exciting options to people or online bettors.

The landscape of sports betting in Maryland

In general, Maryland is known to have a unique sports betting landscape popularly among all the sports teams. This can be because it offers numerous local, professional, and college sports teams for the bettors to bet on.

Professional Sports

  • The Baltimore Ravens: It is one of the most popular NFL teams, ranked with the achievement of a two-time super bowl championship at M&T Bank Stadium.
  • The Washington Commanders: It is another famous NFL team, that has developed its passion and has dug its flags at various places and is based-in Landover, Maryland at FedExField
  • The Baltimore Orioles: It is a professional Major League Baseball team that is based in Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Many other highly recognized teams have raised their fanbase in Maryland and are known to be based in Washington, DC. Baltimore is only 40 miles away from Old Line State, Aka, Maryland. This has created a fanbase supporting the diversity of teams in Maryland. Not only this, there exists popular franchises with an overlap of a fan base in Maryland. These franchises include Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Nationals (MLB), and many more.

College Sports

There exists a huge base of universities in Maryland being popular for basketball programs and football programs. These basketball and football teams play with great stamina in the Big Ten Conference. 

There exists a deal with PointsBet sportsbook, which possesses collaborations with schools venues and pursues branding. Such companies help to provide additional education on sports gambling. There are many popular institutions in Maryland where it is permissible to bet on the games like football and/or basketball.

If you look beyond these professional and collegiate sports teams and events, you will probably see many other sporting events where you can put down your money. These probably include:

  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Australian rules football
  • March Madness
  • Darts
  • College World Series
  • MMA fighting

It was the commitment of some highly-profiled experts that legalization of online betting will not be done in the fall of 2021, which came out to be true. Maryland is one of the 11 top states to launch sports betting in 2021. However, the exact date of wagering has not yet been announced, experts are speculating that this will probably go live in late 2022.

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