Oct 19, 2020

How to Become a Better Blackjack Player

If you are an occasional blackjack player, you do not need any special education or a university degree to become a better player. All you need to know is what kind of game to choose and how to play it properly. Today we bring you a few tips that will help you in your progress.

Choose the Right Blackjack

If you want to play blackjack right a, sitting at the first empty chair at the table is not the best solution. The reason is very simple. Nowadays, there are many types of this very popular card game and not all of them are advantageous for us players. Here are some points to help you choose the right game.

Never play at a table where blackjack pays 6-5 or worse (1-1). Instead, you should always look for a 3-2 payout game. In most cases, you will find the payout ratio directly on the table's canvas. If you are unsure, take a closer look at the rules of the game or ask the dealer.

When playing in a land-based casino, always avoid the table with a continuous shuffle machine. At such a table, the dealer puts the used cards back into the shuffler, and each round is played with all the cards. Play blackjack only at the table where the dealer shuffles the cards himself or uses a classic automatic shuffler.

The last and quite crucial issue is the choice of the game according to the number of decks. In general, games with one or two decks are more advantageous than games with six or eight decks. However, even here we may encounter exceptions. Therefore, you must always look carefully at all the rules.

Rules such as:

  • The dealer stands at a soft 17
  • Double any two cards, even after the split
  • Surrender
  • Resplit of Aces
  • Payout ratio of blackjack 3-2.

Rules which Increase House Edge:

Playing with multiple decks of cards, the dealer hits on a soft 17, limited the ability to double and payout blackjack at a ratio of 6-5 or worse.

House edge in blackjack is in most cases around 0.5%. If you are not sure about the advantage, you can use a special blackjack calculator, which will show the house edge of the given version.

Game Strategy

If you want to be a better player, you must learn the Blackjack Basic Strategy. There is no other option.

The basic game strategy nowadays comes in the form of a table in which you will find the right solution for all 550 possible game combinations. You have to memorize all these moves and be able to make decisions quickly and accurately. The correct moves for a given combination can then vary according to the rules of the game and the number of packages used.

If you follow the Basic Strategy during the game, you will definitely become a better player. Otherwise, you may lose your money within a few minutes of the game.

When to Rise Bets

Many blackjack players use progressive betting systems when playing, but they do not realize that such a system does not work and never will. In blackjack, discipline is the basis. Do not increase bets based on the past game, but based on your advantage. Don't know how to do it? It doesn't matter, you will learn all the essentials in the last part of this article.

Learn to Count Cards

You can use the card counting technique for all types of blackjack, but to start with, try it for free with single- or double-deck versions of the game. After shuffling the package, you can start counting. The cards are divided into large and small cards (tens, pictures and aces and cards from 2 to 6). Once the cards are dealt to the table, you count all the values one by one.

The basic rule for numbers is very simple. High cards, ie tens and pictures are very advantageous for the player, small cards from 2 to 6 are very advantageous for the dealer. The most advantageous is then 5, because thanks to it, the dealer will reach from 16 to the winning 21.

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