Jun 3, 2021

Online Blackjack Vs. Video Poker

Both video poker and blackjack are very popular online gambling games. There are some similarities, but also differences, so it is appropriate to make a small comparison. The style of play and the objectives of the game are very different. In blackjack, the player tries to beat the dealer and not exceed 21, while in video poker, the player's final hand is evaluated according to a previously known winning structure. Blackjack evolved from other games of chance that originated more than 500 years ago. In contrast, video poker has been around for a little over a hundred years.

But the reason these famous games are so popular is the same. Both offer very high value of the average return to player. Most variants of these games offer an incredible return, around 99.5%. Just for comparison, European roulette offers an average return of 97.3% and online slots only about 95%. However, returns on roulette and slot machines are guaranteed, but higher returns on video poker and blackjack are conditioned by the experience and skill of the player. This high value of return can be achieved only by following the optimal strategy. Otherwise, it is only about 90%.

Online blackjack and video poker are games, where the players' skills can make a huge difference. However, these strategic procedures have been codified for ease of use. For blackjack, for example, there are tables with the best blackjack strategy. For some gaming software providers (e.g. Microgaming), these procedures are implemented in Autoplay, so players who choose this gaming option do not have the opportunity to make a mistake.

The ideal strategy for video poker is based on a series of decisions in certain situations. However, it is not as easy and convenient as watching the table when playing online blackjack. Therefore, players should memorise these decisions. Also, the optimal strategies are not implemented in the Autoplay option.

Payouts for Blackjack and Video Poker

The most significant difference between video poker and online blackjack is the payout ratio. For classic variants of online blackjack, which, however, use the rules of classic blackjack from land-based casinos, winnings are paid out in a ratio of 1:1 and blackjack 3:2. So without a winning streak, you won't win big money with blackjack. However, there are several variants of online blackjack in which you can place side bets that have very high payout ratios. However, the average returns on these bets are very low.

Video poker payouts start at the value of the initial bet but continue to very high amounts. In the Jacks or Better variant, which is a classic version of video poker, the royal flush pays off in a ratio of 800:1. However, more classic winning combinations such as colour and straight are paid out in a ratio of 4:1 and 6:1, respectively. In video poker, you have a chance to win high, even with a single bet.

For blackjack, the average return is around 99.5%, and most players are around this number in the game. For video poker, the average return is also 99.5%, but the differences in the values ​​of individual winnings are substantial. In general, players who like excitement and take risks prefer video poker, while more conservative players prefer to play blackjack.

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