Sep 9, 2019
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Quick Guide to Casino Bonuses

Have you decided to deposit money into an online casino? Indeed you were immediately offered some bonus. Were you pleasantly surprised and delighted? Before you start rejoicing how easily you earned, read all the terms and conditions carefully. Is the bonus still worth it? That's what we'll look at in today's article.

Every online casino will offer you some welcome bonus. How does this bonus work? The casino will give you a 200% bonus on your first deposit, but the maximum limit is $150/£/€. So if you deposit $75, the casino will add another $150. Now, let's take a closer look.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

Nowadays, nothing is free, and that's why bonuses at online casinos cost something. If you deposit money and get a bonus, read the terms and conditions carefully to find more information about the bonus payout. If you don't find these terms and conditions, you'd better choose another casino. For example:

The requirements for the bonus payout are as follows: you need to wager 30x (bonus + first deposit) at the casino to be able to withdraw money.

In our case, the math is simple 30x(75+150)= $6750

In other words, you need to wager a total of $6750 in the casino to get the $150 bonus. For more on how wagering requirements work, see our article - What are wagering requirements in casinos.

Wagering Requirements in Different Games

Bonus payout requirements vary from casino to casino, but also game to game. Blackjack, for example, has much stricter bonus rules than slot machines. The reason for this is the House Edge value. Blackjack is much more profitable for players than slots, so it is harder to get a bonus here than with slots.

To wager a blackjack bonus, you must wager three times the amount shown in the example above. It means placing bets in a total of $20,250.

Comparison of Casino Advantage and Bonus Amount

If you want to be a successful casino player and learn how to win at slots, pay attention to the following lines. This is where it really starts to get big. First of all, we need to calculate whether the value of the bonus exceeds the amount the casino will receive in fulfilling the bonus requirements.

In blackjack, the value of the house edge is 1% using the optimal strategy. In the case of a dollar bet, the value of the expected amount for the casino is one cent. The remaining 99 will eventually get back to you.

How Much Does the Casino Keep?

In order to withdraw money from the casino, we need to wager the amount of $20,250 at a house edge of 1%. Let's say that using the perfect strategy at BJ's. We place 20250 bets of one dollar each. So if we multiply the house edge by the amount needed to get the bonus, we can see how much will go to the casino. In this case, it is $202.5 (0.01x20250=202.5).

How Much Will You Win?

If you've read carefully so far, this won't be a problem for you. So let's do the math together one more time. If you meet the conditions for the bonus, you will hand over $202 to the casino, on average. The maximum value of the bonus is $150/£/€. As you can see, this bonus is actually beneficial for the casino. Even if the casino credits you with $150 for free, it actually makes $52 per player.

What Do You Need to Take into Account?

Blackjack and all casino games are a series of random events. This leads to fluctuations. One time, you are up, one time you are down. However, you must always stick to your original game plan. In any case, do not increase your bets to get out of a losing streak. Since the house edge doesn't change depending on the size of your bet, you are risking your bankroll.

Additionally, the current bonus terms will not allow you to bet higher than $5 or $10.

After reading this article, you will always be able to calculate the exact amount of the actual bonus amount in a matter of minutes to evaluate its profitability. We wish you good luck and patience in meeting the conditions.

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