Jan 17, 2022
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Famous Tricks How to Cheat in Casinos

Gambling has always attracted players who want to win by cheating. It does not matter what game you play. As you will see, you can cheat in almost every casino game. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it's almost impossible. The vision of easily earned money tempt players who try to cheat and come to the money cheating.

In today's article, you will learn about the most famous and successful casino cheaters of all time. But beware, resist the temptation to be like them. The casino was usually one-step ahead of them.

Dennis Nikrasch and His Cheating on Slots

Slot machines have been the target of various cheaters since the beginning. Most of them were unsuccessful, but Dennis Nikrasch was able to defeat them. Nikrasch began playing slots in Las Vegas in the late 1970s. When he went to play, he took a couple of friends with him, who distracted the casino staff, and other members of the group could easily make copies of the keys of slots.

Thanks to these keys, they were able to open the machines and change the symbols on the reels. Of course, they set them in their favour. Nikrasch was later caught and sent to prison. But here he did not stay behind and came out with another and better idea of how to rob casinos.


Scammers have been looking for a way to beat roulette for centuries. One of the simplest scams is a system where players try to distract the dealer at the table so that another member of the team can bet chips after the bets have ended. The cheaters follow the position of the ball and then derives from it the numbers on which the ball most likely ends.

Systems that are more sophisticated include scams, in which players use small laptops to calculate the sector on which the ball lands, given the speed and position of the ball.

Blackjack - Card Exchange

No, we are not talking about the blackjack switch variant, in which a player can legally change cards between his two hands. Here we are talking about unauthorized card exchange. This cheating system requires more people. Again, it is very important to distract the dealer so that another team member can exchange cards between players. The goal is to create the strongest possible combination that will not lose.

Collusion at Poker Tables

Unfortunately, poker is also one of the games where unfair practices are used, especially at high-stakes tables. Two or more players at the table agree on several signals that show the strength of their hand. This makes it easier to bet and beat other players at the table. The subsequent profit from the game is then divided among themselves.

Tommy Carmichael and His "Magic Wand"

We are going back to the slots for a moment, but this time with a different tactic. Carmichael made a wand about 7 inches long, which he then inserted into the slot. The wand interferes with the payroll device and pay out the win.

But like Nikrasch, Carmichael subsequently served several years in federal prison.

Blackjack - Card Counting

Although we present card counting in blackjack as cheating, there is nothing illegal about it. But card counting will give us an advantage on our side, so most casinos don't really love it. As soon as they come to find any card counter, they immediately throw these players out of the casino and put them on their blacklist.

Card counter teams have made millions of dollars over the years. The best of them had perfectly elaborate costumes and rehearsed scenes so that no one would recognize them and they could return to the same casino repeatedly. One such group was, for example, the MIT Blackjack Team, which was made mainly of students and professors from leading American universities.


This is a fraudulent technique is also quite old. Players learn to shoot the dice so that it just slides on the table. The cheaters set the number they want it to fall, and then they just let the dice slide on the table, while the other dice is thrown according to the rules.

The fact that the value does not change on one dice greatly decreases the number of possible combinations, and the shooter is in a great advantage because it only needs to cover very few numbers. This type of fraud usually involves casino workers who ignore the incorrect roll. Scammers also like to play at tables with inexperienced croupiers who do not know these methods, so players are relatively safe.

The Tran Organization

Baccarat is very hard to cheat, but the Tran Organization has found a way to make more than $ 15 million in the early 21st century. They used various methods in the game but mostly relied on a bribed croupier who falsely shuffled the cards. So the players knew that the game would end just like the last one and they could adjust their bets to this result.

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