Oct 1, 2020

Roulette systems simulator

author Luke Seidel

Test the most famous betting systems with our roulette simulator app. Choose an already set up system or invent your own. You can then immediately see if the system works. The roulette simulator is free and can be used without registration.

Roulette system simulator

Do you want to test your favorite roulette systems for free and without risk? Our application will allow you to do that. Thanks to it, you can simulate the course of the most famous roulette systems and immediately find out their results. With your own eyes, you will see in a short time what to expect from the system of your choice. All you have to do is set simple parameters on which it will be tested and then you will only check the result.


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Bets in this game

Roulette Simulator - Instructions

At first glance, the roulette simulator looks complicated. But the opposite is true. Just set the parameters on the app and press "Simulate Roulette". Then the analysis of the selected betting system will pop up. This includes a graph showing the profit as well as a tabular representation of the results.

First of all, you need to select a betting system. The basic setting in the roulette simulator is Martingale, which is the most well-known. However, there are many more systems in the drop-down menu. If you don't know any of them, visit our roulette betting systems section where the most famous ones are described and analysed. If you don't want to use a preset system, the simulator also has the option to invent your own system. Simply click on the drop-down menu next to "Betting system" and choose "Custom".

Explanation of the options in the roulette simulator

  • BETTING SYSTEM - Click on the arrow and choose a preset betting system or create your own.
  • STARTING CASH - Choose the amount you want to start betting with
  • NUMBER OF SPINS - Set how many rounds you want the simulator to play.
  • MINIMAL BET - The initial bet you start the game with.
  • MAXIMUM BET - The maximum bet the simulator will be able to place.
  • SKIP NUMBER ZERO - The simulator will count a roulette with no zero fields.
  • ENABLE BETTING TO MINUS - The simulator will continue to place bets after the total cash has been lost.

Specific settings for the system

Some betting systems still have their own specific settings, such as Multiplier on Loss and others. Try playing around with the settings a bit. You can use the roulette simulator as many times as you like. You can always just refresh the page and add new settings.

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