Mar 30, 2017

Video Poker rules

author Peter Sommer

Have you ever played against a "one-armed bandit"? Video Poker will immediately capture you. By the way, if your approach to slot machines so far has been apprehensive, it will do so anyway. Video Poker cleverly combines the benefits of slot machines and the tension that only poker players know. Unlike conventional slots, the game is not completely based on coincidence - the player must at least know the poker hands well.

One of the most popular games in each online casino is a modified version of the classic draw poker - you deposit, bet and the slot machine deals you five cards. You mark the ones you want to keep ("hold") and at the same time, you can double the bet. A second round follows, where the slot machine replaces all cards except those you’re holding from the first round. If you keep the winning hand even after the second draw, you win. If not, you lose the bet.

The rules of Video Poker are simple. If you want to get acquainted with them before playing, see the detailed instructions on how to play Video Poker.

How much will I win? How much do I have to bet?

In terms of online casinos, Video Poker has one of the lowest house edge. In common terms, the player has the chance to win more often than the casino. So how much will you win and how much will it cost? Even before the first bet, you must deposit a bank. Most often it’s $20 (or euros). The bet per the game then varies between 25 cents and 5 dollars. The winning amount is based on the poker hand displayed on the machine after the second deal. Most valuable cards? Wild Royal Flush (with a wild card). We have prepared a list of other winning hands and payouts in the most common Video Poker variant (Jacks or Better) on a separate page.

Why play online Video Poker?

  • Play one on one against the casino
  • High returns on deposits - up to 99.5%
  • A fast game against the machine. No bluffing
  • Simple betting and winning system

[caption id="attachment_3816" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Video poker payouts Video poker payouts[/caption]

Video Poker Rules

While it may come as a surprise to some, Video Poker has much in common with slots (slot machines). The software of this game is developed by the same companies involved in the development of slot machines. However, it offers higher winnings.

Video Poker or so-called "Draw poker" allows players to bet between 25 cents and 5 dollars per game. You can choose the amount you want to deposit for betting (most internet casinos typically have a minimum of $20). Once you're ready to start playing, click the "Deal Draw" button to deal the cards. The goal of "draw poker" is to make up a winning hand, of which there are several. For your information, we list a few typical "draw poker" winning hands on the bottom of this page. You can improve your hand by "holding" on to certain cards and getting rid of others. The cards that you decide to get rid of will be replaced by other cards after you press the "Deal Draw" button again.

In "draw poker" you also have the option (if you win) to double the amount in the second round called "Double Playoff Round" (If you do not want to play the second round, simply click the "Collect" button to get your winnings.). The "Double Playoff Round" round is based on the following rules: The cards on the side of the machine are turned face down and the machine then turns one card. In this second round, you are betting on whether the next card that the machine turns will be higher or lower than the first card. If the next card has a higher value than the first card, you win and your winnings are doubled. If you get a lower value, you lose the entire deposit. If it has the same value, it's a draw (so-called "push") in which case no one wins or loses. Note that to double your bet in the second round you have to click on the "Double" button.

Winning combinations in Video Poker (sorted by value):

  • Wild Royal Flush (royal straight with a wild card)
  • Natural Royal Flush (same as a straight flush, from 10 to ace)
  • Straight (five cards with values running consecutively, the same colour)
  • Flush (five cards of the same colour regardless of the values)
  • Straight (five cards with values running consecutively, the same colour)
  • Three of a Kind (three identical cards)
  • Two Pair (2x two identical cards)
  • Pair (two identical cards)

Basic play for Jacks or Better

  • If you have a Royal Flush, straight, four of kind or full house, leave all cards.
  • If you have four cards in the royal flush, replace the one you do not like and hope for the royal flush.
  • If you have four cards in the straight flush, replace the one that you do not like.
  • If you have three or three cards in the above combinations, replace the remaining two cards.
  • If you have two pairs or four flush cards, replace only one card.
  • If you have two or two cards higher than a kid, replace the remaining three cards.
  • If you have five different cards, replace the four and leave one high. If none is high, replace all.

Basic play for Deuces Wild

  • If you have a high winning combination, leave it and do not change the card.
  • With four cards to royal flush or straight flush, replace one.
  • Take two if you have three cards in the royal flush.
  • With two pairs, just leave the stronger and replace the three remaining cards.
  • If you have four wild cards, go to the Royal Flush. This also applies to the straight.
  • If you have a winning combination with a wild card, leave it.
  • If you have three wild cards, replace the other two.
  • If you only have wild cards, leave them and replace the rest.

Basic play for Joker Wild

  • With this version of video poker, only kings and aces are taken as high cards. The lowest winning combination is, therefore, a pair of kings.
  • If you have a joker, never change it.
  • Inside straight is not a good combination, so replace it.
  • Straight in color have a better payout ratio than Classic Jacks or Better.

If you want to play Texas Holdem or just poker against other players, we do recommend SWC Poker. More info will come soon.


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