Dec 14, 2020
Casino strategy

Most Common Mistakes While Playing Casino Games

Learn to play like a pro and avoid the most common mistakes. We have chosen for you the biggest fails at the most played casino games. This article is about what you should never do while playing.


The best possible way to play blackjack is to remember the Basic Strategy and strictly follow it during the game. In most casinos, the value of the house edge in blackjack will be around 0.5%. The worst possible decisions in this game are situations:

  • Stand 16 against dealer 7
  • Split 10 against dealer 6
  • Do not split 8s against the dealer's 9 or 10
  • Don't split aces against the dealer's ace
  • An insurance bet

Do not listen to players who advise you to stand at 12 against the dealer's 2 or 3. On the contrary, you have to hit. After all, some players play by the same rules as a dealer and think they are playing as best they can. But it is precisely the opposite.

The answer is straightforward. You always play first, so if you bust and the dealer bust too, you lose anyway. Such a game gives the casino an advantage of over 6 percent.


Craps is a game where you find the best possible bets, but also the worst. If you place bad bets for a long time, your bankroll will become thinner and thinner. So which bets are the worst? Avoid one-roll bets: 2, 3, 11, 12, Any Craps, Any Seven, whirl, world, hops, horn, and Field.

Also, don't bet on 4 or 10 and 5 or 9 because the house edge value is over 6 percent. On the other hand, in the game, focus on a pass/do not pass and come/do not come bets and bet as much as you can. These are the best bets.


In American casinos, you will most often encounter roulette, which has two 0. The worst possible bet on American roulette is Five Number Bet (0, 00, 1, 2, 3). This bet on five numbers is also called "Beast with Five Numbers," and the house edge value is over 7 percent. For all other bets, the house edge is 5.26 percent.

Players in Europe find it much easier to play roulette. The European and French versions contain only one 0. All bets have a house edge of 2.7 percent. It's not a sure win, but it's a much better condition than American roulette.


Baccarat is a great game - if you only bet on the Banker or the Player. These bets have a house edge of just over 1 percent. But there is also one awful bet - Tie. The value of the house edge, in this case, is 14 percent. If you decide to play this great game, look for its classic version. Never play mini baccarat. Why?

With the mini version of baccarat, the game runs much faster. And so the player is exposed to far more house edges than usual.

Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride

As with blackjack, the player has a choice that directly impacts the value of the house edge. To have the best possible conditions, you must use a basic strategy. It is very easy for both Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride.

If you do not follow the perfect strategy, you will give the casino advantage in the range of two tens of percent. So should we avoid both of these games? No, only avoid side bets. These have a house edge value of around 25 percent. If you bet a dollar in one round, an hour of such a game will cost you $ 15.

Slot Machines

Do you want to maximize your chances of coming home with some extra money? In any case, do not choose slots with a progressive jackpot, as their house edge is around 10 to 15 percent.

We know that the vision of a life-changing jackpot is very tempting, but in the 16 years of the Megabucks jackpot, only 150 people have won it. The chances of winning are 1: 49000000. So play slots without progressive jackpots.

Video Poker

If you know what to do, video poker will be one of the best games in the casino for you. But if you don't know how to play correctly, go to the progressive slot instead. Each type of video poker requires a different basic strategy. Nowadays, you can find them in the thematic literature and, of course, on the Internet.

So what is the point of a casino game? Of course, money. Therefore, play only the most advantageous games and use the right strategies. You will see that the results will come. If you play like crazy, you will be wasting your own money.

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