Oct 19, 2018

Gambling etiquette - how to behave in a casino

author Peter S.

The following article will be mainly for those who don't go to land-based casinos very often or will go there for the first time. Only a few things are as annoying as a beginner player who has to be explained everything because he doesn't know what to do and doesn't even know the game rules. You can learn the rules of casino games directly from the casino staff. Most casinos offer instruction on individual table games at certain times (usually in the morning).

Some casinos also offer unique tables for beginners only, where players can play with fake chips and try out the game for real.

If neither option is available, the rules of the game and the behaviour at the table can be easily observed by watching other players. Another way is to try the games online. You can study the rules and game strategies, and you will have a better chance of winning in a land-based casino.

However, what you won't learn online is proper casino etiquette and the written and unwritten rules of behaving at each table. So we've put together some tips for some of you to help you fit in better in the gambling world:

  • That being said, get to know the rules very well. Not only will you not hold back other players, but you will also significantly increase your chances of winning.
  • Change chips only between hands or game rounds. If you do sit down at a table, wait until it's finished before you join in. While you are waiting, you can prepare your cash.
  • Know the value of the chips by their colours.
  • In some games, the cards are dealt so that you can see their value. In that case, don't touch them.
  • If the cards are dealt face-down, grasp the cards with one hand only. Handle the cards with care if possible. Do not bend them or place drinks on them. Some players try to cheat by bending the corners of the cards, such as aces. Dealers are therefore cautious about the integrity of the cards.
  • Never touch the bets once the first card is dealt.
  • Try not to drink too much alcohol while playing. A drunk player is the worst player.
  • In blackjack, do not criticise players for the way they just played their hand. No matter how they play.
  • Don't ask the dealer's opinion. They don't want to be blamed later if you follow their advice and lose. The exception to this is pai gow and pai gow poker, where you can ask the dealer how they would play a hand in the "house way".

You Can Also Make Signs with your Hands

In some games, especially blackjack, you can give instructions to the dealer non-verbally. These are established hand signals, and it is advisable to know them before you sit down at the table. It will significantly help to make the game run more smoothly:

Cards are dealt face-up

  • Hit - Tap the table.
  • Stand - Wave your open palm parallel to the table.
  • Double/split - place the same bet next to the original bet (not directly on it). If you have two 4s or 5s, raise two fingers if split and one finger if double.

Cards are dealt face down

  • Hit - Lightly tap the cards on the felt of the table.
  • Stand - Slide the cards under the bet without touching the chips.
  • Doube/Split - Place the face-up cards above your bet and place another straight next to the original bet. Again, if you have two 4s or 5s, let the number of fingers know here is a split or a double.

If you go over the 21 (bust) limit, do not throw your cards around the table. It is very rude. Instead, place the cards face up next to your bet.

How to Behave at Craps

Craps also has an antique. It is a social game where the players themselves are actively involved in the game. To avoid various faux pas and, above all, to ensure that all craps players enjoy the game, it is essential to follow the casino rules and the established rules and customs.

  • Players take turns rolling the dice. Most often, one person rolls the dice until they eliminate themselves by striking the number 7.
  • When it is your turn to roll the dice, make sure that the dice bounce off the back of the game table after the roll.
  • As with any game of chance, you should know the rules of craps before you sit down at the table.
  • Don't put your drink on the table. You will find a shelf to store your glasses under the chips.
  • Don't sit down and lean on anything.
  • Do not be affected by the advice of your teammates. Especially those who bet in the middle of the table.
  • Do not influence or otherwise revise other players. Never say "seven" at the table unless a seven has just fallen. A lot of craps players are convinced that this is bad luck.
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