Mar 24, 2021

What are the Best Games to Play in Online Casino?

author Luke Seidel

This is an excellent question for especially beginners because in online casinos you will encounter several dozens of gambling games today. Since each of them has a so-called house edge, it is always disadvantageous to the player. But the question of how much is house edge high. Some games have it extremely low; such as video poker or blackjack, some games have it in the middle, e.g. roulettes and some have house edge high, such as Keno.

When it comes to what games you should play, it depends on you and on what kind of games you like. If you have created a casino account for online slots, there is probably no point to force yourself into playing table games. Yes, slots are not the most statistically friendly gambling games in the casino, but if you follow specific rules, you can enjoy your favourite game, and you will not lose too much.

Most of the experienced players are looking for games or only bets with the lowest possible house edge. Because of this, they will lose the lowest possible amount in the long run. However, the term long run is essential. If you play blackjack according to the perfect strategy, the house edge will be around 0.6% on average. You will lose only 6 cents on the one-dollar bet. But that does not mean you cannot lose two, five or ten bets in a row. In fact, you will meet a series of loses, but of course the wins, today and daily.

However, if you do not have any favourite game already or you are after it, we have a list of the best games or bets for you.

9 Games with the Lowest House Edge

1. Pai Gow Poker - house edge 1.46%

In Pai Gow Poker seven cards are dealt with the player, and then he/she splits them into two hands in five and two cards. The five-card hand must be higher than the hand made by the two cards. Both sides are then compared with dealer's hands, and if a player wins both, he wins his bet.

House edge is made by a 5% commission fee for every win, and all ties are won by the dealer (your two-card hand A, Q loses against the dealer's combination A, Q). You can even lower the casino's advantage by playing for the banker so that you will win the draw games. Any player has this option, but casinos don’t offer it every time.

2. Craps (Pass / Come Bets) - house edge 1.41%

When you are betting on a pass line on craps, you bet that the shooter throws the first throw 7 or 11 and vice versa don’t throw 2, 3 or 12. If another number would fall, your bets stay, and now you bet that the shooter throws the point earlier, before falling 7. House edge at this bet is really low, only 1.41%.

3. Craps (Don't Pass / Don't Come) - house edge 1.36%

These bets are also known as "Dark Side" bets. The Don't Pass line bet is the exact opposite of the Pass Line bet and is considered taboo at the table. In essence, you bet that the shooter will not succeed. This bet has an even lower casino advantage than the previous Pass Line bet.

4. Baccarat (bet on players) - house edge 1.24%

James Bond's favourite game (Especially in movies with actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore). The only betting options player has available are bets on players, bankers or tie. The first rule of advantage players in baccarat is don’t bet on the tie. It’s because this bet has an enormous house edge 14.36%. On the other hand, the player's bet has only 1.24% house edge.

5. Baccarat (banker bet) - house edge 1.06%

As you can see, baccarat occupies two adjacent places in our list of the least advantageous games and bets. The bet on the banker just slightly exceeds the 1% value of the house edge. At tables with high limits the shoe and banker position alternate so that each player is a banker during the game. Once he holds this position, he must bet on a banker. Other players are betting on the players (even if they have the option of betting any bet). In mini-baccarat, the dealer is a casino dealer.

6. Jacks or Better - house edge 0.46%

To reach the house edge of 0.46%, a player must accomplish two factors. First, you have to find the right version of Jacks or Better, the so-called full-pay Jacks or Better. This is characterised by a full house payout of 9-1 and flush 6-1. Second, you have to learn the perfect strategy of this version. So if you're planning to visit the casino or play at the online video poker casino, you must always be sure that you always know which cards hold.

7. Spanish 21 - house edge 0.4%

Spanish 21 is a blackjack variant that is played with a 48-card deck (10s cards are excluded). The game is a little crazy because you can double any number of cards, give up twice, and 21 with five, six and seven cards are paid at 3-2, 2-1, and 3-1 respectively. House edge game is so low because it has a much more complex optimal strategy than regular blackjack. But once you've mastered all the pitfalls of a perfect strategy, you'll enjoy a much more entertaining and exciting game than blackjack.

8. Blackjack - house edge 0.28%

Blackjack is a gambling game with one of the lowest house, but also with a few exceptions. To reach the house edge of 0.28%, you have to play the game with the most liberal rules. Some of them very hard to find, such as the dealer is on a soft 17 or late surrender. Besides, of course, you have to master the optimal strategy.

9. Full pay version of Deuces Wild Video Poker - 0.77% advantage on the player side

Yes, your eyes see it right. There are several games where the player has the advantage on his side. But also here applies that you have to stick to the optimal strategy. The game is different from Jacks or Better, so make sure you learn the right game system.

If you find this version of video poker that pays natural royal in the ratio of 800-1, four deuces 200-1, wild royals 25-1, five of kind 15-1, straight flush 9-1, four of kind 5-1, full house 3-1, straight and flush in 2-1 and 1-1, believe it's a total pay deuce of wild video poker and you play the most player-friendly game in the world of gambling.

You can encounter some machines with Full Pay Deuces Wild poker in land-based casinos, but they are not very popular to very low denomination.

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