Aug 2, 2017

Slot machine rules

author Peter S.

Online casinos offer an unbelievable number of different slot machines, so you should first take a look around and find the ones you like. In general, your goal is always to achieve a winning combination - although different games have different rules. Here you can take a closer look at the game process.

Slot machines - rules of the game

The list below is a general description of how to play slot machines:

  • Click the "Insert Money" icon to start the game.
  • Place your bet by selecting credits in the values offered. The left side of the slot machine usually allows you to adjust the amount of the bet.
  • Check your bankroll status in the credits field.
  • You can bet the maximum amount using the "Bet Max" icon.
  • If you don’t want to win the maximum amount, you can click on the "Bet One" icon to bet an individual credit.
  • If you get a winning combination, you can look above at payouts in the table of prizes. To check the winning amount, click the "Winner Paid" icon.
  • You can move to another slot machine even while playing a game. To try your luck elsewhere, click the "Switch Machine" button.

Game features and bonuses

Special gaming features and bonuses are an integral part of modern online slot machines. They make the game more entertaining and may add a few extra credits to your bankroll. Although many slot machines are completely unique, there is a set of elements that you will encounter in most games.

Wild Symbols

So-called Wild Symbols are the most widely used game element in slot machines. These symbols can replace any other symbol to create extra paylines. Wild Symbols is exactly where the most innovations can be found. These substitutes can travel with each turn on the reels or they can stay locked in one place for a few turns. You may also encounter Wild Symbols extending to the full height of the reel or get a multiplier for playlines containing these symbols.

Scatter Symbols

You can also often find so-called Scatter Symbols. These are symbols that can usually be found even on 5 reels and they pay out prizes even if they are not grouped on a payline. They often trigger other game features such as free spins or pick-and-win bonuses.

Free Spins

As you can guess, free spins are games that do not cost you credits. But their winnings are real. These free spins are most often triggered by special symbols or above-mentioned Scatter Symbols.


When this type of bonus is triggered, the player gets to choose from several options. There may be visually represented as treasure chests, doors or anything else. Each of these options hides winnings or other benefits. Just like with free spins, Pick-and-Win is also triggered by 3 or more Scatter Symbols.

Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels are one of the latest gaming features in online slot machines and there are only a few games offering them at the moment. Once a payline is created, the active symbols are removed from the game field and are replaced by other random characters. That gives the player another chance to win.


On the other hand, the Gamble feature is one of the oldest available and is well-known by players of classic mechanical slots. If the slot machine offers Gamble, players may choose to double or even quadruple their winnings by guessing a card or colour.

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