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Guide added 24. 3. 2021

Security and Fairness of Online Casinos

Once you decide for some of the online casinos, not only will you have to deposit your money in some way, but you also need to tell the casino quite a lot of sensitive information about you. It does not matter if it is your name, address, birth number or your card or bank account number.

All of these data are crucial and, of course, your finances must indeed be thoroughly secure, especially in an online environment. In the case of their loss or theft, you would lose your money and data, and that is certainly not an encouraging view. That’s why the online casinos are doing certain steps to protect you, but also themselves. Before you decide to enter an online casino, you should know a little about their online security system.

Privacy Policy

As soon as you send your personal details and make an account for the casino, you will bump into the first type of security. It’s called is Privacy Policy. This kind of security determines what information the casino will take from you, how it uses and find the best way to protect it from third-party misuse.

The basic information that every casino will want is the player’s personal data, i.e. name, address, telephone, email, etc. Other information about your finances, i.e., card number, bank account, or e-wallet. This information is required because a casino must verify where to send your winnings and also it is a countermeasure against money laundering. Some casinos will also need info about your location to ensure the maximum quality of service and product offerings.

Online casinos always guaranteed not to provide any of this information to a third party. Thus, except when a casino hires outside firms or workers to protect sensitive information. Access to them only has some top position and perfectly scrutinized casino workers. However, far more important is due to protect your data from hackers. That is why casinos use the best firewalls and other available security systems and methods. Before you sign up for an online casino, always read the Privacy Policy carefully before agreeing to the terms.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Security Encryption Protocol

If you decide to send your own money into an online casino, you will definitely want to be absolutely sure, that they are properly protected. Not only in the casino account but also during the transaction. Today, there are billions of dollars transaction every day on the Internet, so it’s not just a matter of online casino security, but a whole e-banking system. This is why the IT experts have developed an encryption protocol, such as the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer, which guarantees the complete security of each transaction.

And how does it work? The principle is quite simple. The party which sends the money, whether the casino player or vice versa, encrypts all the information and sends the data package. The cipher then breaks down only the user to whom the sender has sent instructions. If a third-party get this ciphered information, they cannot use them in any way because they have no key to deciphering the message.

Most casinos use state-of-the-art and latest SSL encryption, which is currently considered as one of the best. Moreover, the best casinos have their security systems checked regularly by independent companies such as Thawte or VeriSign. So, if you choose some online casino, look for their logos on their site.

Solving casino problems

All this information are nice, but some players are still not sure about secure of online casinos. What if a casino does not want to spend so much money on security? What if there will be problems with casino bonuses or what if player think the casino is not playing according to the rules. This event occurs mainly in situations where the player wins a lot and eventually loses everything. These problems can only be solved if all the information about each game and every transfer of money is backed up properly. And that is why the online casino saves this information in order to defend itself in case of ambiguity.

Because of this players can see all played games, as well as every transaction. If a problem occurs, the player simply sends a request for an investigation. At this time, an independent party, such as eCOGRA, will enter into the dispute to review all available information and then decide.


eCOGRA is an abbreviation for e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. It was founded as a non-profit organization in 2002 as a self-regulator of the online gaming industry. In spite of the fact that Microgaming and 888.com were involved, its independence was preserved, and until today is eCogra the most respected online casinos’ watchdog.

And what is the elementary task of this company? eCOGRA checks whether the casinos are fair to their players by auditing their data. So, if the casino meets the requirements of eCOGRA, you can be sure that this casino is safe to visit and deposit money. If a casino is licensed by this company, you can be absolutely free to play.

There are generally three procedures of how eCOGRA inspects online casinos. The first is customer protection, in this case, players. It is mainly about whether the players receive the winnings at the time indicated by the casino. All payments must be clear and transparent, as well as money transfers, bonus conditions and bonuses. Of course, there is also total privacy of your personal information as well as credit card details.

Other authorities

eCogra is just one of the many entities which actually could help players in case of disputes. You could also appeal to a jurisdiction that issued a casino’s licence or any other auditing company which watch over your casino. Just remember, that you should in any case of trouble contact customer service first. It is the fastest way to resolve your problems.

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